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Our CEO, Eric Sheinkop, forwarded to me this engaging interview between NPR and rising star, Aloe Blacc. The article recounts some of the recent events that have elevated his brand to worldwide status, and played a major role in his recently becoming “the man.”

Aloe discusses his chart-topping collaboration with Avicii, the origins of some of his recents hits, and his work with Pharrell Williams, but specifically, he speaks about the major role of sync licensing in his blossoming career:

You’ve always had a pretty enthusiastic, but select, audience. It seems like recently you’re finding bigger success in a way that’s very reflective of the present: It wasn’t radio that got behind you, it wasn’t record stores. It’s been this sort of third way.

It seems to me like the third way is sync licensing: It comes down to television shows and television commercials. It’s been extremely helpful in my career. “I Need a Dollar” was the first, with the licensing for the theme of How to Make It in America, the HBO special. Since then, I’ve had a few songs that have been synched to television commercials and sporting events, and that’s been extremely helpful in magnifying my voice, getting the music out there for people to hear, and decide whether they like it enough to go find it and buy it.

At Music Dealers, we always speak about the power of sync licensing and what it can do for an artist’s career. It’s incredible to witness the preaching being practiced, and see the results of artists who have been able to build amazing careers with music licensing. And all along the way, there are critical brands and companies that play a direct role in the building of that career. In Aloe’s case, companies like HBO and Beats By Dre have made incredible contributions. But more and more brands and companies are understanding the potential of putting out two hands, and hoisting an amazing artist to the heights of stardom.

Head over to NPR to check out the full article.

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By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers