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Music Dealers Joins Coca-Cola, Pharrell, The UN, Rock Mafia and our artists from all across the globe in celebration of International Happiness Day

Today, March 20, 2014, the world celebrates International Day of Happiness. Established by the United Nations Foundation, this special day was created to further the idea that happiness is a fundamental human right, and that everyone deserves a chance at a happy, healthy life. Music Dealers agrees, so we banded together with our artists, Coca-Cola, and Rock Mafia to launch “Happiness Remix” – a mash-up of happy songs created by independent artists from all over the world.

Last June, we announced the launch of 52 Songs of Happiness, a unique campaign developed in conjunction with Coke and Spotify. For this project, Music Dealers hand-selected emerging independent artists from our artist community to create songs based on the theme of discovering and sharing music in their favorite places.

Music Dealers’ 52 Songs of Happiness & “Happiness Remix” Artists

When Coke caught wind of the UN and Pharrell’s big plans surrounding International Day of Happiness, they approached Music Dealers about the idea of creating, what could ultimately be, ‘the happiest song in the world’. Coke enlisted the talented duo, Rock Mafia, to work their magic using pieces of the 52 Songs our artists created. To add another layer of happiness, music psychologist Dr. Adrian North, author of the report, “How To Produce Happy Music,” a guide to evoking emotional response through music, worked directly with Rock Mafia to consult on the song creation.

On behalf of Music Dealers, our artist community, Coca-Cola, Rock Mafia and Dr. Adrian North, we are proud to present to you “Happiness Remix,” an upbeat, infectious track fusing beats and melodies from multiple genres.

Enjoy the music video for the song featuring happy moments from our artists and Coca-Cola ads from across the globe. Enjoy! #HAPPYDAY


For a free download of the song and the full story behind the making of ‘Happiness Remix’ visit Coca-Cola Journey.


By: Lyndsey Ager, Music Dealers