Client Success Story: Allstate TV: "The Tab" (Safe Driving Bonus Check) 118 words · 1 minute read

This week, we feature UK based, Chicks With Hits, and their song, “Clap Your Hands,” as the backdrop to Allstate’s spot, “The Tab.” Characterized as bright, whimsical, childlike, and carefree, and played with instruments including the keybords and the acoustic piano, its fun and positive indie pop sound plays perfectly into the tone of the ad (Click here to try a search with some of these filters for yourself).

Allstate TV: “The Tab”


In Allstate’s spot, a friend’s recent Safe Driving Bonus Check allows her to grab the tab with no problem.

Client: Leo Burnett

Brand: Allstate

Date: 9.16.2013

Creative Direction: Leo Burnett 

Category: Online Services

Producer/Songwriter: Chicks With Hits

Song: “Clap Your Hands”

By: Christopher Rucks