Custom Music In Real-Time, Oscars Edition - Live Blogging [VIDEO] 419 words · 2 minute read

Custom Music In Real-Time, Oscars Edition - Live Blogging [VIDEO]

#RealTimeMusic Project Recap

Music Dealers has wrapped up its #realtimemusic experiment, successfully creating custom songs about the Oscars, in real time, as the event took place. Out of the project, Music Dealers produced three incredible pieces of music:

Below is a video that shows how the project came to be, and how the team was able to execute the task of immediately creating music as the Oscars were airing live. Check it out:

#RealTimeMusic Goes Social

Music Dealers pushed the project to social channels, receiving critical praise for the projects and songs from heavyweights in the media/music industry, including the likes of Billboard! 


Steve Olenski - Forbes Contributor

Judith Snyder - Group Director, Global Brand PR - The Coca Cola Company

Music Dealers Oscar Night Live Blog Feed:

4:50 pm CST - Los Angeles is a little wet, Chicago is in a polar vortex, but you are safe and warm, catching up with our live coverage of the 86th Academy Awards. While you watch Hollywood’s finest cinematic stars walk down the red carpet and recieve an Oscar, Music Dealers will be experimenting with Real Time Marketing at The Oscars with our #RealTimeMusic. We’ll be showcasing our ability to create quality custom music, with a quick turnaround, for any music-based marketing strategy. Stay tuned!

Update 4 [12:49 am CST]: “Leo Should Have Won”

And we have our final #RealTimeMusic custom song entitled, “Leo Should Have Won.” The song is a very cool hip hop/pop rock jam, and it is such a good song, it’s kind of hard to believe this was created on demand! Check it out here: 

Update 3 [9:30 pm CST]: “#Oscars”

Music Dealers follows up with another custom piece of #RealTimeMusic, this time with a smooth and mellow singer-songwriter tune that chronicles the events of the evening thus far. Listen to “#Oscars” here or click the playlist image below:

Update 2 [8:02 pm CST]: “One Night Only (Full Version)”

Check out the very awesome full version of “One Night Only,” a custom, #RealTimeMusic song that describes the magic of the 2014 Oscars. Click the playlist image below to check it out:

Update 1 [7:09 pm CST]: “One Night Only Oscars Teaser

And we have our first #RealTimeMusic custom piece, “One Night Only,” a pop piece that describes the magic of the 2014 Oscars. Click the playlist image to check it out:

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By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers