5 Tips To Help You Find the Perfect Song For Your Creative Project 656 words · 4 minute read

This probably isn’t your first rodeo in trying to find a song to fit your creative project. You’ve been around the block a couple of times. You understand the importance of music and the impact it has on your piece of content as much as we do. Hopefully, you’re not just roaming around Spotify and iTunes expecting to miraculously land on a golden track. Searching for that one perfect song can get frustrating, so, if you need some help getting those creative juices flowing, here are five tips to help you find the perfect song to enhance your work.

5. What’s your brand’s story?

To make finding that one perfect song easier on yourself, you need to know your brand’s story. Is there a certain theme? Does the song fit your company’s brand? The song you choose needs to tie back to your brand’s identity and the message you are trying to convey. It all starts with what your story is, and you can keep moving forward from there.

4. What is the edit going to look like?

We’re talking about the pace of your piece of content, the tempo, whether or not there’s a voice-over, etc. If you can define how your edit will look, you can then narrow your search to something like a “fast-paced song with a heavier, faster guitar riff driven by upbeat drums.” If there is a voice-over, you will want to look for an instrumental song or minimal vocal version so you don’t take away from the emphasis of the voice-over. If you know that your piece of content will be :30 seconds of pure adrenaline, then you can skip past the singer-songwriters and power ballads. Go after the upbeat, fast-paced songs.

3. Tie it back to the budget.

If your budget isn’t the largest, there is no point in hunting after a Lady Gaga or Coldplay song. Look for indie artists. Nowadays, you can source indie artists from across the globe, or right from your backyard. Local or global, indie artists can be a better alternative so your budget doesn’t get hit as hard.

2. Know the language you are trying to speak.

If you do license a really well-known song, it will probably cost you a lot of money. But more importantly, that big song may not speak to your audience, losing both your message and your money. Finding the perfect song means making sure your music selection speaks the language of both your brand and consumer, which helps you properly carry your message through.

1. Pick a big artist. Then go indie.

Like we mentioned, going indie can be advantageous to both your creative outcome and budget. Since there are so many independent artists, looking for the right one can be a hard task. However, saying, “I want the sound of Lady Gaga, or Daft Punk,” gives you a great head start, helping you narrow your search and make your task manageable.

You need to cater to your audience. Make it easy for your audience to understand your message with the music that you choose. Speak their language. Who’s attention are you trying to grasp? Is it an older crowd? Millennials?

Tailor your message and your music choices accordingly.

Extra Tip:

As a content creator, you know what emotion you’re trying to convey. The visuals and the music should then come together to accentuate the emotion. Sometimes, it’s the song that can make or break this emotional connection with your audience, so choose wisely!

So there you have it. Finding a song to fit your spot, your trailer, video game teaser, or whatever you’re creating can be challenging and even frustrating. But it can be managed. There are certain questions you need to ask yourself that will help you narrow your search. We hope you found these five tips for finding the perfect song for your creative content helpful. Happy searching!

By: Luis Rodriguez

Photo credit: Doctorwonder