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How To Upload A Public Domain Song To Your Music Dealers Artist Profile

We often get questions on how to upload a public domain song. What do you put in the PRO field to ensure that everything will check out fine and all royalties owed will be paid correctly? Below should help answer those questions and get you all the info you need to upload all your public domain songs to Music Dealers so we can put them to work!


For the title, you can just put the original title of the song, nothing else is needed in this field.

PRO Info

The PRO info is where most of the confusion comes from. 

Writer: Enter in your writer(s) full names, corresponding PRO affiliation, and set the splits, totaling 100%.

Add an additional writer and enter in “Traditional” in the first name field. For this writer, select the PRO affiliation as “Public Domain” and the split to 0%. This will help us know that it is a public domain song.

Publisher: Enter in your publisher(s) name, PRO affiliation(s) and set the split to total 100%.

Below is a picture of a correct Public Domain entry:

From there, follow the instructions on the rest of the info and you will be able to upload the track.  Always remember to only upload 320kb MP3 files.

One final thing to note, while these songs are being submitted as public domain works, we understand that they are arrangements of these well-known songs and we will treat licensing them just as we would your original material. Public Domain is used as a catalog tag in our system.

If you have any additional questions about uploading Public Domain songs, shoot an email to and we will get back to you asap. Thank you!