Music Dealers And Hearn Seek To Bring Music And Creativity To The Hancock Building 442 words · 3 minute read

There’s an artistic void in the center of the Chicago. You want entertainment and a taste of creative culture, then you better travel up north, out west, or out south. Not exactly what you would imagine for the area around The Magnificent Mile, one of the most famous streets in the world. But it provides Music Dealers and HEARN the perfect opportunity to assume the challenge of bringing entertainment and creativity to the heart of the city.

The Project

Currently pushing it’s way through the red tape is a project that would see construction commence on an entertainment center designed to support the arts and foster creativity, right at the base of the John Hancock Building. The entertainment center would provide a home for music performances, poetry and book readings, as well as the unique experience of watching music being recorded live. Music Dealers would advise the creation of the studio space and book talent to record and perform on a future stage in the plaza area.

Benefits To Chicago

Music Dealers and HEARN feel the project could not only breathe life into the plaza area of the Hancock building, but also fill a musical and creative void in one of the most beautiful and vibrant streets in the world.

“Chicagoans can always catch music up north, out west, or out south, but there’s no centralized hub to see music performances, which is the point of the project,” says Music Dealers CEO, Eric Sheinkop. He continued with, “ This project could offer the perfect way for those in the center of town to grab a drink after work and discover the newest thing.”

Being that we’re from Chicago, Music Dealers has always wanted to support the city, and what better way than to promote the success of independent artists while entertaining the Chicagoans and the millions of tourists that visit our beautiful city. This is the perfect challenge for us to take on.


While the core of our business lies in licensing pre-cleared music and creating custom music, there are always opportunities to provide extra service to our artists, and when we see them, we take advantage. Hopefully this project makes it through; we would love to offer this added value to Music Dealers’ artists and the city of Chicago. Stay tuned for updates as the project pushes through legislation.

In the meantime, Music Dealers is working to produce a Summer Concert Series in the plaza of the John Hancock Building. There will be more details to come.

Check out the article on Crain’s Chicago Business for more details about the project.

By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers

Photo Credit: Roman Boed