Spotify and Music Dealers Imagine The Future Of Music Discovery 375 words · 2 minute read

Techweek Chicago, the annual week-long meeting of the ingenious, the forward-thinking, and the bold, wrapped on June 28th. Heavily attended by the tech and entrepreneurial community of Chicago, the event featured renowned speakers such as Razorfish US CEO, Shannon Denton, and Priceline / ColorJar Co-Founder, Jeff Hoffman.

Conference highlights included enormous and lavish parties, one shindig sponsored by Microsoft, and the Future Sounds Music Festival, with performances by St. Lucia and Music Dealers artist, The Giving Tree Band. Yet, sometimes the most important meetings or events are the ones little publicized.

Techweek 2014 afforded a great opportunity orchestrated by Spotify and Music Dealers to speak to Chicago’s creatives about current and future methods of music discovery.

Movers, shakers, and makers from some of Chicago’s elite creative agencies, including the second largest independent American ad agency, Cramer-Kasselt, global ad agencies Ogilvy & Mather and McGarry Bowen, and creative services company, Optimus, were invited to a roundtable discussion designed to imagine the “music discovery interface of the future.”

Spotify executives flew into Chicago to co-host the event with Music Dealers and conduct a two-hour session designed to unearth the ideal platform and features prime for discovering music in today’s new era of content development and creativity.

Creatives laid out, in vivid detail, their music discovery fantasies of the future, while executives and business developers listened intently, vigorously jotting notes and brainstorming ideas. 

With Spotify as the leading digital streaming provider with over 40 million users and Music Dealers as the leading creative music agency and trusted partner of major brands including Coca-Cola, the mingling of capabilities and expertise across the areas of catalog volume, industry relationships, music discovery, music rights management, and sync licensing could make this a highly interesting partnership.

And the potential tools designed from the feedback of these creatives, well, those possibilities are intriguing and exciting too.

As of now, more brilliant minds will meet in various rooms across the country, led by the question, “What if?” The results, whatever they may be, will certainly fall in line with the Music Dealers mission of disrupting the music industry, providing ways to help creative people work faster and smarter, and being a pillar of support to the independent music community.

By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers