Client Success Story: Durex "Real Feel" 144 words · 1 minute read

For one of our “steamier” collaborations, reputed production agency, MOFILM, engaged Music Dealers to provide the perfect soundtrack for Durex’s advert, “Real Feel.” In need of something as exciting as the “product” itself, the Music Dealers creative team plucked from their catalog an elctro pop gem from UK-based pop duo, Pistol Shrimp. The song, a shimmering array of pulsing electronic tones, nicely captured the “sentiment” of the ad when the editing team isolated a saucy lyric from the song, “…just a touch, in the unknown…”.

The pairing of lyric with brand couldn’t have worked out more perfecty, as evidenced by the video’s 31,000 views. Check out some of the search characteristis that define the sound of Pistol Shrimp.

Durex “Real Feel”

Client: MoFilm

Brand: Durex

Date: 9.20.2013

Creative Direction: Matt Thompson, Music Dealers Creative Director

Category: Music Supervision

Artist: Pistol Shrimp

Song: ”Beyond Reach”