Client Success Story: Ford "Ford Ranger" 130 words · 1 minute read

To complement the picturesque frondescence of Thailand, Music Dealers and agency Team Detroit worked together to discover an appropriate sound for this Ford Ranger commercial. As a photographer explores the region’s turbulent terrain with his reliable Ford Ranger, the gentle melody of “Timelapse” by Music Dealers artist Alex Plowright prances in harmony with the setting’s natural beauty.

By pairing this adventurous spot with Plowright’s expertly composed “Timelapse,” Ford juxtaposes nature’s power with its grace; Ford Ranger’s force with its elegance. This artful comparison would not have manifested without licensing Alex Plowright’s original composition, “Timelapse” for the project.

Ford “Ford Ranger”


Brand: Ford

Client: Team Detroit

Date: May 23, 2014

Creative Direction: Jessie LaBelle, Music Dealers Creative Director

Service: Music Supervision

Artist: Alex Plowright

Song: “Timelapse”

By: Zach Miller, Music Dealers