Client Success Story: Louisville Slugger "Beautifully Powerful" 129 words · 1 minute read

For their “Beautifully Powerful” spot, in which a young woman vigorously slams each pitch that is thrown her way, Louisville Slugger and agency MEPlusYOU selected “VC Commander” by Music Dealers artist K Theory to propel the video’s energy.

The hypnotic beat of the EDM song pulses beside the timely crack of softballs against the baseball bat as a woman’s voice loops in the background like a spell. For “VC Commander,” K Theory blended wavy notes with ascending tones in a way that matched the momentum of the commercial seamlessly, making the song a grand slam of a sync for Louisville Slugger.

Louisville Slugger “Beautifully Powerful”


Client: Louisville Slugger

Agency: MEPlusYOU 

Date: 4.15.14

Creative Direction: Jessie LaBelle, Music Dealers Creative Director

Category: Music Supervision

Artist: K Theory

Song: VC Commander