Have a Coke - And a Song! Connect With Your Audience Through Global Hits From Coke 394 words · 2 minute read

The most iconic brand in the world, Coca-Cola™, is sharing some of their most prized assets with the masses by licensing through Music Dealers! The Coca-Cola Company has become increasingly more active in the music world, creating hit anthems for their massive global campaigns, local tracks in smaller markets, and everything in between. And now, they’re doing what they do best - sharing.

Take for instance the energy drink burn® , which has a longstanding partnership with massively famous DJ Avicii, and their collaboration to create “Speed (burn® & Lotus F1® Team Mix),” for the burn and Formula 1 racing brands. The song garnered over 3.5 million listens in just 90 days and is available for licensing through Music Dealers for a fraction of the cost of a major label.

Click below to listen to a playlist of Coca-Cola’s songs for licensing.

Coca-Cola’s Songs of Happiness are also now available to sprinkle a little dose of glee into your creative projects. The songs, created by independent artists from the Music Dealers catalog, birthed from a simple brief: write a song about a place that makes you happy. The result was a creative outburst of incredible songs - some sentimental, others energetic - from a diverse set of genres and artists from around the globe.

The culminating song, “Happiness Remix,” produced by Rock Mafia (Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, et al.), incorporates samples from 17 of the Songs of Happiness and has been rumored to possibly be the happiest song in the world.

As FIFA’s primary partner, Coca-Cola released an official anthem for The 2014 FIFA World Cup™, “The World is Ours,” by David Correy featuring Brazilian percussion group Monobloco. The song turned out phenomenally, as evidenced when 32 different countries created local versions of the song for their own markets and countries. Furthermore, Coca-Cola created a mash-up with rising pop icon Aloe Blacc, a remix by producers Rock Mafia, and several more versions of the song. Aloe Blacc’s version of “The World is Ours” alone has amassed almost 3.2 million streams on Spotify to date and has hit #1 in 20 countries. 

Dozens of other modern Coke songs have been released for use by other brands and companies for their content, including commercials, documentaries, short films, and more. There will surely be more releases to come! Stay tuned!

By: Sam Parvin, Music Dealers