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Secondhand Serenade is the project of former #1 Myspace artist, John Vesely. After touring the world, delivering 4 releases, and playing on numerous television shows, John is back in the studio once again, prepping his next release. Secondhand’s next album, which is expected to be completed later this year, is entirely funded by his fans via Pledge Music. 

Visit Secondhand Serenade’s profile to learn more about John’s musical endeavors:


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Secondhand Serenade: 

Genre: Pop; Pop/Rock; Teen Pop

Moods: Punchy; Positive/Optimistic; Emotional

Instruments: Guitars; Bass; Drums

Vocal Themes: Love/Relationships; Overcoming Obstacles

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Visit Secondhand Serenade for some punchy, pop rock music:


Twitter: @secondhandjohn



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