Client Success Story: Louisville Slugger "Own The Plate" 138 words · 1 minute read

As a young man approaches home plate with his Louisville Slugger baseball bat, the combative composition of “Heavy Grit” by Music Dealers artist Andrew Oye pumps behind his swing like a stadium call. The timbre of the song syncs perfectly with the energy of the “Own The Plate” spot: a deep bass line treads heavily; the snare drum snaps like applause; the bass drum stomps as if beaten by feet against bleachers. Music Dealers and agency MEPlusYOU collaborated to find a song that best fit the vigor of swinging a Louisville Slugger bat, and saw that choosing “Heavy Grit” by Andrew Oye would be a sure-fire homerun.

Louisville Slugger “Beautifully Powerful”



Brand: Louisville Slugger

Client: MEPlusYOU

Date: April 15, 2014

Category: Music Supervision

Creative Direction: Jessie LaBelle, Music Dealers Creative Director

Artist: Andrew Oye / Song: Heavy Grit