DMW Music Talks Licensing & Music Industry Trends 363 words · 2 minute read

On September 9, 2014, Music Dealers Account Executive, Caroline Kerr and VP Account Director and Music Strategy Lead, Antony Demekhin, attended Digital Media Wire’s Digital Music Forum in New York City. This one day event brings together senior music, technology, media and investment leaders for networking, meetings, and deal-making.

At the event, Antony moderated a panel entitled “Sync Licensing: Music for Advertising, Games and Video”. Antony, along with Grey Group VP and Senior Music Producer, Zachary Pollakoff, chatted about the agency’s perspective on licensing and how using music from indie artists can actually help brands. When a brand uses indie and emerging artists, they have the opportunity to grow with them. Indie artists also help brands because of the added element of discovery, a benefit unavailable with established acts.

When a brand uses an emerging artist, they position themselves as a place for people to find great new music. Antony and Zachary also discussed how to decide what type of music to use for projects and how to decide whether to use a custom clearance or sync license. They both agreed that all of these decisions are made on a “project to project” basis and everything depends on the client, the creative, and how music can bring emotion to the project.

Both Antony and Caroline also had the opportunity to attend a panel featuring a discussion about bands and brands. This panel focused on the state of genres within the music industry and what types of music are used most often for licensing. Everyone there agreed that country and pop music are used most often because they tend to be the most family friendly and happy genres. The panel discussed how many brands want to use EDM music, however they rarely pull the trigger. It was interesting to hear these trends from another perspective because we here at Music Dealers experience the same things.

This year’s event was packed with great content, stellar people and a lot of companies that are now on the music-tech scene. The entire conference focused on the future of the music industry and provided excellent networking and learning opportunities for everyone in attendance.

By: Jordyn Benjamin, Music Dealers