Music Dealers Helps Columbus "Build A Music City" 383 words · 2 minute read

Over Labor Day weekend, Tim Lincoln, Music Dealers Senior Creative Director and Music Supervisor, attended “How To Build A Music City”, a citywide discussion in Columbus, Ohio. 

The discussion was presented by Columbus Songwriters Association, the third largest songwriters association in The United States. CSA is striving to create value for independent musicians in Columbus, has hosted over 100 events for songwriters in the last year, and will feature clips from this discussion in a documentary about the changes in the music industry, in 2015.

Tim spoke alongside other music industry professionals including Randy Malloy, Owner and President at CD102.5; Linda Lorence, VP of SESAC and Former President of NARAS NYC; Dr. Bruenger, Director of Music Business at The Ohio State University; and Brooke Paul, Entrepreneur and Investor. Together, they discussed how Columbus could position itself as a music-centric city.

However, while there, it was apparent that Columbus already has all of the pieces of a music city; they have great, professional, and talented artists, a vibrant musical energy, and hard working, creative people. The key to succeeding as a music city is to organize all of these pieces together.

Two great ideas derived from Tim’s panel: the creation of a government music commission and a music conference in Columbus. The impetus behind the music commission was that in order to keep artists in the city, there needs to be an opportunity for them to make money. The music commission would be a place where artists could go for resources and to have entertainment questions answered.

Artists would also interface with the government in order to spearhead tax incentives for local business who use only local music. This would create a new revenue stream for those artists. The second idea, holding an annual music conference in Columbus, would bring industry professionals and industry attention to the city.

Many thanks to Joey Hendrickson, Founder/Executive Director of the Columbus Songwriters Association, for hosting the panel and creating an awesome experience in Columbus. Congratulations on the successful program; Music Dealers was happy to be a part of it!

And major props to Columbus and all of the talent there. We see great promise in a flourishing music industry in Ohio. 

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By: Jordyn Benjamin, Music Dealers