Music Dealers Policy & Agreement Changes: Song Registrations 753 words · 4 minute read

New Policies & Processes

We are always looking for new ways to improve how we work, what we do and increase opportunities for our Artist Community. Effective immediately, we wanted to bring to your attention a change in Music Dealers policy that will directly affect the music you have listed with us. 

Music Dealers & InGrooves Partnership

Music Dealers recently secured InGrooves as our global sub-publisher. InGrooves will be responsible for looking after Music Dealers placements to ensure that PROs are notified of all uses worldwide.

How Does This Affect You?

Over the next month, we’ll be registering all the approved songs in our catalog using the information that is currently listed on your Music Dealers artist profile. We will register several variations to correspond with some of our current deals:

•  MDV-Song Title: Our standard registration format for our placements

•  MDMV-Song Title: Covers uses included in our deal with Viacom (2011-2013)

•  MDSAT-Song Title: Covers uses included in our deal with Viasat UK

•  WIS-Song Title: Covers uses included in our deal with Viacom (2014)

All song registrations will maintain the same 5050 publishing split (as always, you will maintain 100% of your writer share). None of your splits, terms, rights or percentages will change, and nothing will change with the way we pitch music, report uses, etc.

How Does This Benefit You?

This new process will improve your experience with placements through Music Dealers by helping to ensure that you are paid all the royalties you are owed.

Other benefits:

•  Network delays or lack of reporting will no longer affect or delay your royalty distribution

•  Improved tracking for international performances & placements

•  Songs will registered with all international societies allowing your royalties to be accurately forwarded to your affiliated PRO

•  Possibility for larger amounts of royalties generated & paid to you

What Is Needed From You?

  1. Login to your account

  2. Go to your dashboard

  3. Select your artist profile

  4. Click on ‘edit profile’, then ‘preferences’

  5. Check to agree to the updated agreement

  6. Check that your Schedule A information is accurate so all parties are paid correctly once songs are placed.

Remember, this agreement contains the same exact terms and splits as our previous agreement, it just allows us to register all the songs with your PRO per the above.

More Questions You May Have:

What else is changing with the new agreement?

Nothing. The only change to the new agreement gives us the right to register all the songs in order to better track and pay royalties owed to you for placements. All the rights, terms, splits, etc. will remain the same.

I forgot to add all writers and/or publishers when I originally uploaded the songs, can I still make edits to my songs PRO info?

It is important that all writers and publishers, their PRO affiliations, and share totals are accurate. If an edit to this information is needed, please log into your account and make those changes as soon as possible. We will submit this updated info to the sub-publisher to revise a registration when needed.

Will these registrations affect songs that I’ve registered myself in my own affiliated society?

No. As with our previous registrations, all songs will have a prefix that will keep them separate from your original song registrations. We will continue to only collect on performances and placements that Music Dealers has secured.

Will there be any changes to royalty payments distributed to me by my affiliated PRO?

No. Royalty checks will still be sent and paid to you via your affiliated PRO on whatever pay cycle they currently have in place (most run on a quarterly distribution cycle). It is possible that you could see more royalties for the Music Dealers placements we’ve done, as the songs will exist in all territories where performances of our placements occur. This will allow the international societies to better match and track your works so that they can forward your earnings to your PRO you are affiliated with.

Does the new Music Dealers & InGrooves partnership have anything to do with YouTube’s Content ID AdRev platform?

No. The partnership has nothing to do with YouTubes Content ID AdRev platform.

Music Dealers is excited about this updated process, an update that will help take some of the pain out of royalty collection while putting more money into your pockets. And of course, we’ll continue to strive to find the best ways to support your career, passion, and pockets.

The Artist Services Department, Music Dealers