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This month, we focus our musical laser of “Popular and Trending” towards the NYC-based juggernaut of indie-music festivals, the revered CMJ. CMJ began a whopping 34 years ago originally as a weekly trade magazine, College Media Journal, founded by Robert Haber in 1978. Fast forward a generation and CMJ is now a springboard by which the music industry’s hottest acts catapult towards the stars.

Before you is a playlist of some of those stars; fantastic Music Dealers artists who played this year’s show, charged indie grenades preparing to develop into mainstream missiles. Within this explosive playlist you’ll find the definition of diversityfrom Brazil to Denmark, from shoegaze to alt rock, from pop to electro. Dig in and listen well my friends:

Popular & Trending: CMJ 2014

The Ivorys

“Harnessing a love of gritty classic rock and 70s punk and dance, this ‘power trio’ delivers driving rock and roll at its purest. Their self-titled EP is catchy, straightforward and fit for rocking out, and their imminent follow-up is sure to follow suit.” - Frank Krolicki, Chicago Rock Music Examiner. With influences ranging from The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, The Ivorys, three time SXSW alumni, specialize in a retro, but catchy sound that enraptures its lucky victims. View The Ivorys on Music Dealers.


Matthew Santos

Grammy-nominated artist Matthew Santos has established himself as one of the rare and striking voices quickly emerging from Chicago’s music scene. With a growing fan base hailing him for his ethereal voice, Santos has secured his place in current music with his distinguished style and elusive musical gift. Far from all of the sound and fury of modern music trends, 27-year-old Santos is quietly becoming one of the most remarkable voices of his generation. View Matt Santos on Music Dealers.


Wannabe Jalva

Through the acclaim of a self-released debut EP in 2011, Wannabe Jalva went on to support shows for Pearl Jam; play at Lollapalooza Brazil 2013 alongside Vampire Weekend and The Rapture; and secure a feature placement on an episode of CSI (via cmj.com). View Wannabe Jalva on Music Dealers.


The Noise FM

Writing, recording and touring for over 10 years together, brothers Austin and Alex Ward formed The Noise FM in 2005. Playing melodic, beat-driven alternative rock, the band’s music has earned favorable comparisons to Muse, Bloc Party, and The Killers. View The Noise FM on Music Dealers.



A four-piece indie pop rock/power pop band from Madison Wisconsin, Locksley has racked up an impressive plethora of placements and achievements, quite understandable when you encounter their sound. Band achievements include performances on Conan O’Brien, Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel, placements in films such as Cloverfield, and incredible reviews in Rolling Stone, Spin and Elle. View Locksley on Music Dealers.



HITS, an NYC band to the core, is both gritty and sleek, confident yet volatile, with a touch of vulnerability that’s never quite healed from past heartbreak. With undeniably catchy melodies, anthemic choruses, and playful lyrical wit, HITS have positioned themselves to be at the top of bands to watch this year. View HITS on Music Dealers.


Beecher’s Fault

Beecher’s Fault, a key player in the local New York City music scene, has played an impressive amount of shows at prominent NYC venues including The Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, and The Knitting Factory. Though only a trio, their live performance has been described as a “wall of sound” that captivates audiences with an energy that is more akin to that of a six-piece ensemble. View Beecher’s Fault on Music Dealers.



The electro/rock quartette that emerged amidst the noise of São Paulo’s urban sprawl unifies a mixture of disco/funk based inspirations with 70’s rock vibrations to create an exhilarating orchestra of sounds. After opening for LCD Soundsystem in Sao Paulo and playing all throughout Brazil, Inky traveled to Amsterdam to work with the Metropole Orchestra and U2 producer Steve Lillywhite. View Inky on Music Dealers.


Foreign Resort

Based in the shoegaze genre, The Foreign Resort has fused the dark sounds of the 80’s with electronic beats, energetic drumming and piercing reverb guitars. The band was formed in 2006, released their debut album Offshore in 2009 and has since toured the USA, Italy, Germany and Denmark. View Foreign Resort on Music Dealers.



Twintapes, an electro-pop trio based in Brooklyn, creates a unique sound with an intense compilation of up-tempo beats, warm and silky synth sounds, soul swimming vocals and simple, stirring melodies. Frontman Pavel Rivera triggers automated sounds to Landon Knoblock who mans the synths while Benny Reiner brings the rhythm with an electronic/acoustic hybrid drum set to create an innovative feel that’s more raw than traditional electronic music. View Twintapes on Music Dealers.


By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers