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On September 17, 2014, Music Dealers VP of Business Development in the UK & Europe, Paul Sampson, visited Hamburg, Germany for the 9th Annual Reeperbahn Festival. The three day event is Germany’s largest club festival and one of the main venues for Europe’s music and digital economy. With over 400 concerts featuring various international artists, Reeperbahn also holds networking events, meetings, and over 70 music and digital programs for the media, visual, and urban arts.

Paul was heavily involved with this year’s festival, speaking on several panels and participating in a music supervision matchmaking session. In the session, artists were given 5 minutes to pitch their songs before receiving advice from Paul and professionals from Nike, Breaking Bad, and

Paul participated in two more panels, the cleverly titled, “Getting The Big Pitchers,” which discussed techniques to help artists secure placements, and “Best Music & Brand Partnerships,” which examined the effectiveness of a brand/artist partnership and whether each collaborator can find success in such a partnership.

In this discussion, Paul expressed that it is the artist’s responsibility to ensure the success of a partnership, rather than depending on labels and/or publishers. Labels and publishers seek to earn maximum income with as little work and commitment possible from their already famous artists. With little support coming from the label, it’s the artist’s responsibility to find value within the partnership.

Paul supplemented his argument by illustrating the Music Dealers model: Music Dealers looks after the biggest brand in the world, Coca-Cola, while at the same time looking after independent artists. By doing so, in contrast of labels and publishers, Music Dealers has an organic and mutually beneficial approach to its partnerships that creates success for both the artists and the brands that they work with.

“Teens don’t care about Beyonce and her $50 million deal with Pepsi. They DO care that with us, Coca Cola is introducing them to the coolest new bands from around the world. That’s value.” Paul Sampson


Not only did Paul speak on several informative panels during Reeperbahn, he also saw performances from a ton of awesome bands, including a handful of Music Dealers artists.

Listen to Music Dealers artists that attended Reeperbahn 2014:

2014’s Reeperbahn was a smash success, complete with informative discussions, entertaining performances, educational panels, and a heavy dose of fun. Music Dealers was proud to contribute to such a remarkable event of this stature.

By: Jordyn Benjamin, Music Dealers