Talking Indie Artists And Brands At Sync Summit 2014 673 words · 4 minute read

From coast to coast, September has been a busy month in the music and media business, with some of the industry’s most coveted events taking place simultaneously in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. That means only one thing for us Music Dealers - divide and conquer! #MDLive coast to coast.

On September 8th - 9th in LA, the annual Sync Summit Hollywood took place at the swank SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Conference organizer Mark Freiser is a true industry veteran when it comes to hosting and executing large scale events that bring together the top music supervisors, TV & Film executives, thought leaders, and artists in the business of music and visual/interactive media. This year’s summit was no exception.

Stacked with mega panels, thought-provoking keynote conversations, musical excerpts, productive workshops, and entertaining showcases, Sync Summit aimed to provide real connections and networking, and discussion around the importance and impact of music in media. Attendees had the opportunity to hear practical examples and best case studies from the likes of Randy Spendlove, President of Motion Picture Music at Paramount; Mark Huffman, Executive Production Manager, Procter & Gamble; and Gary Calamar, President of Go Music.

Over the two-day conference, these leaders and a plethora of other industry bosses discussed with each other and attending artists how music is sourced, why a particular track or artist is selected for a piece of creative work, the ways and means that rights holders and composers can partner with music supervisors and creatives to help them secure the right music for a particular project, and how to maximize success in the music in media market.

From the Music Dealers camp, Brandon Smith, Director of Global Business Development, sat on a panel entitled, “Musactivity: How music, brands and interactive media converge to build awareness and revenue”. The session thoughtfully highlighted how independent music is often selected because of the artist’s potential of exploding and becoming a global success, the ease of clearing rights in several territories, and the ability to find global music for a particular localization (i.e. sourcing local Brazilian artists for the FIFA World Cup video game.)

Following that discussion, our CEO, Eric Sheinkop, partook in one-on-one conversation with Robert Singerman. Robert is a global music business visionary with over 30 years of industry experience developing problem solving technologies with music trade organizations and companies in the music, tech, and language areas.

Attendees were delighted to hear these two thought leaders discuss trends with indie artists and brands, and riff on examples of recent successes they’ve both seen in this space, specifically in Brazil, given Robert’s position as the Director of Brasil Music Exchange for North America and Eric’s recent visit to Brazil to speak to the Brazilian Government at the Apex-Brazil World Cup Project.

Other highlights included music showcases hosted by Hunnypot at The Mint and King King, an entertaining experience following several packed days of meetings, networking, and discussions. With the hope of advancing their careers, an assortment of emerging artists performed for one of the most influential audiences in the business. It was especially cool to see the roles reversed for industry legend Gary Calamar who took the stage with his band as a performer. Gary rocked the house at The Mint, as he does with every music project he is a part of.

Sync Summit proved to be one of the most fun and engaging events in the industry today. Music Dealers was particularly excited to see the number companies, brands, and artists embracing brand partnerships and sync licensing as an aspirational and profitable model for emerging indie artists, as opposed to signing a deal with a record label. This is a road that Music Dealers began to pave over 6 years ago when we first started out. Now, it’s nice to see so many brands driving on it with us.

If you missed Sync Summit Hollywood, you’re in luck because the next Sync Summit will take place in Paris in April. We’ll see you there!

By: Lyndsey Ager, Music Dealers