Visa Hashtags to Glory with New Online Vid 299 words · 2 minute read

Visa may have discovered the silver bullet to online advertising: slow-motion videos synced with post-rock instrumentals. Oh, and throw in some Morgan Freeman for due measure.

Visa reached apparent internet famedom with its web video, “Start Weekending: An Instant,” which generated nearly 10 million views on Facebook in its first month of online publication. The trending video is part of Visa’s most recent social media campaign, “Start Weekending,” in which the brand urges consumers to pursue life’s greatest adventures today rather than waiting for the weekend.

“Wherever we want to be – in life, in the world, or in our wildest dreams – time stands in our way. Let’s stop waiting, and #startweekending,” writes Visa on the brand’s Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages.

Creative and technology agency MRY directed Visa’s comprehensive “Start Weekending” campaign, which included social media integration, native advertising via Buzzfeed articles, and an interactive art installment in New York City’s Madison Square Park. As these platforms demonstrate, engagement seems to have been the paramount goal of the largely online campaign, including with the spot, “Start Weekending: An Instant”.

Music agency MAS worked with MRY on “An Instant”, and contracted Music Dealers to help discover a song that would encapsulate the sonic identity of Visa’s campaign. From its catalog of nearly 200,000 songs, Music Dealers curated a playlist for MAS, from which the agency selected “Atlas” by Starships for the video.

“The artist Starships writes songs that have a beautiful, emotional cinematic quality that really captured the spirit of the picture/story,” said Jessie LaBelle, Creative Director/ Music Supervisor at Music Dealers. “After reviewing their music against picture, I knew they would be a perfect fit.”

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By: Zach Miller, Music Dealers