Diddy’s Revolt Music Conference Makes A Splash In Miami 318 words · 2 minute read

Two of our very own, Eric Sheinkop, CEO, and Brandon Smith, Partner and Director of Business Development, had the opportunity to attend the inaugural Revolt Music Conference. 

Eric and Brandon were especially pumped to attend this festival not only because of the great panels and events scheduled, but because this conference and festival was put together by Sean ‘Diddy’ Comb’s very own Revolt TV.

Revolt Music Conference, held in Miami Beach on October 17-18 2014, comprised a series of events engineered to enable networking among leaders and artists in an organic, exclusive, and fun setting. The conference brought together some of the great minds within the entertainment, technology, and marketing industries, providing an outlet to discuss understanding and navigating a constantly evolving music business.

Eric and Brandon spent the weekend attending a diverse set of panels, keynotes, and shows. Throughout the weekend, most of the discussions that transpired revolved around one major theme: how artists make money. It’s no secret that the answer to this question has completely changed in recent years. With streaming services such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Pandora, and Vevo at the forefront of discussion regarding artist payments in the music industry, Diddy shot them down for not earning “real money” for indie artists. While the jury’s still out on whether or not streaming services will ever be a real money maker for artists, Corey ‘CL’ Llewellyn, Digiwaxx Media CEO, told the crowd that he feels the best platform for indie artists to earn a significant amount of money is Music Dealers. (Thanks for the shoutout on stage, CL)!

The entire weekend was jam-packed with powerful discussions and expert insights. Revolt Music Conference was a great event that transformed attendees into insiders on what’s next and new within the music industry. We are so glad that we got to experience the first of what will hopefully be many Revolt Music Conferences!

By: Jordyn Benjamin, Music Dealers