Popular & Trending: 2014's Most Inspiring Tracks 375 words · 2 minute read

This month’s Popular & Trending playlist pours fourth from the inventive mind of Music Dealers Senior Creative Director, Jessie LaBelle. Jessie’s creative musical prowess is the engine powering such fantastic projects as Visa’s “Start Weekending: an instant” and McDonald’s 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics advert, “Celebrate With A Bite.” Needless to say, when she points her finger in the direction of her inspiration, we should all look. Let’s see what she’s got for us:

Popular and Trending: 2014’s Most Inspiring Tracks

Andrew Duhon

The resulting love child of a romantic, moonlit night when earthy blues and gutsy folk met passionately on the shore of a New Orleans swamp. View Andrew Duhon’s artist page.


Crow Moses

Draw smiles on the faces of your viewers and tickle their souls with this brand of bright and mellow indie folk. View Crow Moses’ artist page.


Pistol Shrimp

Electro-pop the way it should be donemoving, energetic, rich and epicperfect for yanking eyes from devices and making viewers pay attention. View Pistol Shrimp’s artist page.


King Deco

Hailing from the Kingdom of Jordan, King Deco, injects an invigorating dose of worldly ambience into the dominion of pop. View King Deco’s artist page.


Aubergine Machine

Bite into this sweet, indie electro confection of a duo, comprised of writer/vocalist, Shanti Ellis, and platinum-selling, world-touring house DJ and producer, Ian Careya unique treat for content creators. View Aubergine Machine’s artist page.


David Dallas

Deep, powerful, and emotive, connect with your consumers with this platinum-selling, New Zealand-based hip hop artist. View David Dallas’ artist page.



The number six best selling album in a country of 1.2 billion people? I’d say that’s worth synching, wouldn’t you? View Raghav’s artist page.


Secondhand Serenade

Proven pop rock, infectious music, and already certifed platinum by the RIAA. Ride Seconhand Serenade’s success into your next music-driven campaign. View Secondhand Serenade’s artist page.


Talib Kweli

Through Music Dealers, you are lent a piece of the legendary status of this musical icon and tireless bearer of hip hop music and culture. View Talib Kweli’s artist page.


Becky Jerams

Becky soars with her gutsy and defiant lady-anthem, “Diggin’ Down,“leaving Music Dealers and content creators alike anxious for what else she has in store. View Becky Jerams’ artist page.


By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers