The New York Marathon: Taking It Up A Notch 383 words · 2 minute read

Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Music has the power to motivate. And, according to Dr. Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University, music also helps us exercise. In his book, Inside Sport Psychology, Karageorghis states, “listening to music while running can boost performance by up to 15%”. That’s where we come into the story - boosters ready.

After racking up over 10,000 reservations with a net worth of about $1 million at last years race, it only made sense for Airbnb to get involved this year at the New York Marathon. The largest race in the world, the marathon generates over $65 million each year for hospitality, allowing Airbnb the opportunity to broaden their customer base. With these huge numbers, Airbnb knew they had to bring something special to the race: music. Good thing Music Dealers knows a little something about music.

Left: Miami Horror entertaining the crowd. Right: Energized runner enjoying the show.

With the dedicated runners in mind, Airbnb reached out to Music Dealers to provide the music that would enhance their performance and everyone’s experience at the 2014 New York Marathon. With the help of World War Trading, a lifestyle entertainment media management company, Music Dealers booked six awesome DJs, including DJ Brent Tactic, DJ Farrah Mana, DJ Prime, DJ Hesta Prynh, DJ Yehuda and DJ Chachi, and two incredible bands, Party Supplies and Miami Horror, on three stages along the marathon route, thereby promoting the recently revamped brand of Airbnb through an additional touchpoint: live music and events.

Left: Party Supplies rocks the marathon. Right: Josh Burke, Music Dealers VP, Global Account Director & Mili Marcetic

By using music and artists supplied by Music Dealers for the New York Marathon, Airbnb connected with event attendees through an engagement that may have eclipsed traditional advertising.

As music dominates the various sectors of our lives, from who we follow on social media to what we do in our free time, brands connect with consumers more quickly, more easily and more personally when their marketing efforts are driven by music. This was successfully done by Airbnb at the 2014 New York Marathon.

With great music supplied by Music Dealers and all of the talented runners who participated, the energy remained at an all time high as an enthusiastic crowd cheered on.