Crow Moses Headlines First #MDSessions 225 words · 2 minute read

One of the perks of being a music agency is, of course, the music: tons of up-and-coming artists with thousands of hot new tracks, spanning every conceivable genre. Yeah, we’ve got it good, but it’s not our job to just listen to the music. Our role is to help launch indie artists’ careers and to enrich commercial media with music. Sharing great music is one of the most important things we can do, which is why we started the #MDSessions series.

Great indie artists performing live, select industry-leading clientele in attendance, Music Dealers staff as musical matchmakers, (plus snacks and drinks, of course)–this is the secret recipe to #MDSessions.

At the end of 2014, local artist Crow Moses helped kick off the series with an exclusive showcase at our Chicago headquarters. Crow Moses walks the line between Indie-Blues and Urban Americana, while borrowing elements of Experimental Folk and broken-down Orchestral music.

Through #MDSessions, clients experienced this eclectic genre-blend firsthand, and Crow Moses spoke face-to-face with the same folks who may be able to propel their career. That’s exactly what #MDSessions is all about.


Check out the live set below, and check back for updates on the next set in our #MDSessions series.

 ”Take What You Need”

“Horse Heaven Hills”

“To See You One More Time”

“Water Mains”


“Different Man”

By: Rob Lindquist, Music Dealers