Forbes Highlights $15M Earned For Indie Artists And The Power Of Independent Music For Brands 473 words · 3 minute read

Fifteen million dollars is a pretty significant sum of cash, especially for independent artists who take the risky “road less travelled” to pursue their dreams. For them, $15 million shows that they can still earn a living from their art in an ever-changing music industry.

This company milestone has since been recognized across social media, networking channels and more, including an article from the acclaimed publication, Forbes. 

“The company that helps facilitate the use of indie artists with some of the biggest brands in the world is Music Dealers, who not all that long ago, proudly announced that they had earned over $15 Million for independent artists all over the world,” Steve Olenski (1.15.2015) “Why Big Brands Use Indie Artists”,

In the Forbes article, Olenski speaks with industry leaders, and Music Dealers supporters, on the benefits of working with independent artists, including Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall, McDonald’s CMO Deborah Wahl, and Coca-Cola Head of Global Music Marketing Joe Belliotti.

“Working with independent musicians is a key element to our creative success. Authenticity is central to our brand’s values, and collaborating with indie artists has helped us put Airbnb’s DNA into every piece of work that we do.” – Mildenhall.

“Music can play a powerful role [in] communicating the emotion of the story that we’re trying to tell […] It’s important to have the unique music voice that helps communicate the personality of our brand […] Music can be as effective as visuals or copy.” – Wahl.

“For a brand like Coca-Cola, exploring independent artists provides a deep well of creative talent, while often providing a more cost effective opportunity to further leverage both the artist and the music beyond a traditional TV spot.” – Belliotti.

The Forbes article by Olenski preceded a Music Dealers press release, issued on Jan. 16.

“The $15M milestone, all of which is paid out to indie artists, signifies an evolution in the music industry and is a testament to how Music Dealers is leading the way in developing and nurturing successful band-to-brand relationships,” says Music Dealers in the release.


“Music Dealers is focused on creating new opportunities and new revenue streams for the world’s top emerging artists,” said Eric Sheinkop, Music Dealers’ Founder and President, in the release. “With our team’s global expansion and the introduction of new product offerings that benefit our ever-growing artist community and clients alike, we’re poised to reach the next $15 million even faster than the first.”

And with that next $15 million comes more opportunities for everyone to succeed. Music Dealers is perpetually focused on both advancing the careers of our artist community and helping our clients produce content - from movies to TV shows, and advertisements to video games - of only the highest quality. This first $15 million milestone is proof of this mission.

By: Zach Miller, Music Dealers