The Music Dealers Year In Review: The Best Of 2014 606 words · 3 minute read

Months flew by like weeks. If you’re like us, you spent 2014 with your nose to the grindstone, only to collide abruptly with the holiday season and yet another hurried Happy New Year’s toast, after which many of us seek to hit life’s pause button and then rewind and reflect on what transpired in the year now remanded to history.

In 2014, the balloon of musical popular culture swelled to epic proportions:

  • Outkast reunited for a world tour, the true Christmas morning for thousands of fans 

  • The King of Pop went digital, transferring bits and bytes of data into hologram moonwalks, spins, and crotch grabs 

  • Pharrell unwittingly composed the anthem of the Milky Way with “Happy” 

  • Taylor Swift and the Frozen SDTK shot enough voltage through the chest of the industry to keep it alive for another year

And at Music Dealers, we experienced some 2014 voltage ourselves:

It was great year for the Music Dealers team, our global community of artists, and our clients and partners who seek to connect through the power of incredible music.

Below, we celebrate The Best of 2014, including the music, artists, and thought leadership that made 2014 a success. Below you’ll find the best-rated content from 2014, as well as links to the most popular artists over the year. Enjoy!


The Artists Most Added To Playlists In 2014

Over 4,000 playlists were created and cultivated in 2014, and here we celebrate the artists most added to those playlists. Click on the images visit the profiles of these fantastic artists, composers, and bands.

Click below to listen to our playlist of 2014’s Most Added Artists:

Artists Most Favorited in 2014
Once you’ve gotten in the habit of clicking that little heart icon, favoriting favorites becomes addictive because there’s so much love. Who got the most love in 2014? Here are the top 9 most favorited artists of 2014, complete with a playlist of their best songs assembled by our creative team.

Click below to listen to 2014’s Most Favorited Artists:

The 2014 Artists Of The Month
A new fixture in the canon of Music Dealers content, we’re always on the hunt for opportunities to promote the talent within our artist community. Creating a monthly recognition program seemed to fit the bill: social media reacted very positively to the notion and the artists awarded have been extremely grateful for their new monthly designations. See what you missed.

Check out all of our Music Dealers Artists of The Month here.

The Top Success Stories Of 2014
Success for Music Dealers means celebrating the victories of our clients and partners. We captured those victories on a brand new case study/success story webpage, narrating the details of creative musical triumph achieved by those who worked with us. We celebrate all of our clients who in 2014 used music to connect with their audiences, who believe in the power of independent content. Below are our favorite success stories of the year. Click to see how they unfolded.

Thank You!

2014 was a vehicle of growth for the Music Dealers team and the artists we represent. We want to thank our artists, clients, and partners for riding in that vehicle with us, for being integral to the journey as we drive toward our mission and purpose. We are here thanks to all of you. Let’s do even bigger things together in 2015!

By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers