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Celine Neon, created by BFF’s Emily Nejad and Maggie Kubley along with sibling Will Kubley, unleashes dancy, industrial, electro pop that appeals to fans of Charli XCX, Peaches, and Tove Lo. Celine Neon is all about throwback beats, dirty/witty lyrics, and dramatic production. The trio’s bold, infectious pop songs are about overindulgence, overwhelming feelings, and overtly sexualized impulses. Grimey yet sexy, snarky yet sensitive, Celine Neon is fun, unabashedly female oriented pop. 

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Genre: Pop, Electronic/Dance

Moods: Abstract, Robotic/Mechanical, Sexy

Instruments: Synthesizer, Electronic Drums

Vocal Themes: Love/Relationships, Inner-self, Relationship Problems

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