Discovering Barbadian Artists At Caribbean Music Summit 585 words · 3 minute read

Following this month’s Caribbean Music Summit in Barbados, Music Dealers is confident that Rihanna won’t be the only international star to come out of the island nation; so confident, in fact, that it’s already committed to working with several artists who showcased during the event.

The Hon. Stephen Lashley, Noush Mostaghimi, Eric Sheinkop, and Brandon Smith.

Music Dealers Founder & President Eric Sheinkop joined Joe Belliotti, Head of Global Music Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company, as a keynote speaker in Barbados at the 2015 Caribbean Music Summit. From Feb. 1 – 3, the two music executives and over 500 colleagues convened to discuss ways for artists to succeed in today’s music industry, including licensing, sync, and creative development.

Events like the Caribbean Music Summit are important to this industry because they bring together leaders from different walks of life in an engaging forum. Artists need to be educated on the different opportunities available to them, and execs need to be educated on the capabilities of emerging artists. Only by coming together and interacting with one another can we make meaningful progress. Eric Sheinkop, President and Founder, Music Dealers

According to a Dec. 22 press release, the mission of the Summit was also to empower Barbadian music artists and extend the reach of Barbadian culture to the world.

Inspired by the local talent showcased during the Summit, Music Dealers pledged to work with 5 - 10 Barbadian artists and enhance their careers immediately.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with such a group of talented musicians and proactively help to bring their music to new markets around the world,” said Sheinkop. 

Jaicko Lawrence, one of the Barbadian artists slated to work with Music Dealers.

“Working with The Ministry of Culture ensures that we’ll not only find the right bands, but also the right teams to leverage this exposure and help transform these artists’ careers.”

From the numerous acts that performed at the Summit, Music Dealers selected the artists that most embodied the spirited nature of Barbados and invited them to join the company’s catalog of pre-cleared music. Music Dealers will commence actively promoting and pitching the artists’ music to the company’s roster of 500+ clients across brand marketing, advertising, television, film, and video game industries.

“We’re absolutely delighted that Music Dealers and The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth have come together at the Caribbean Music Summit to further the careers of Barbadian musicians in a real, tangible way,” said Mark Frieser, Co-Founder of the Summit.

“I think this is an incredible development for Barbadian artists coming at the conclusion of the inaugural Caribbean Music Summit and also while we are implementing the Cultural Industries Development Act,” said Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley. “We look forward to working [with] Music Dealers and other partners who came to the Summit to provide increased opportunities for our artists.”

At the opening conference of the Summit on Feb. 1, Lashley announced the passage of the Cultural Industries Development Act, which will provide members of Barbados’ creative sector access to a range of incentives, including funding, income tax benefits for projects, and tax exemptions on cultural initiatives.

“This essentially places the cultural industries sector on full footing with other sectors in Barbados,” said Lashley in a Jan. 19 press release. “We certainly feel this will be a key plank upon which a lot of the work that is currently happening in the cultural industries sector will be further propelled.”

By: Zach Miller, Music Dealers