Healthier Artists Mean Better Syncs 384 words · 2 minute read

We get so caught up in the daily doldrums of doing business that it’s easy to lose sight of the purpose behind our work, or how our everyday efforts are the single brushstrokes that end up painting the big, beautiful picture.

Always remember that Music Dealers represents two halves of an incredible community: the forward thinking media industry who utilize Music Dealers to tell incredible stories with the music of emerging artists, and the artists who work with Music Dealers with the goal of taking control of their careers and creating a lane toward success in a treacherous and declining music industry.

It’s important to Music Dealers that we keep each side of this community informed of the developments that affect the other.

We’ve partnered with GoHealth to provide a simple means of gaining access to quality and affordable healthcare for Music Dealers artists. This initiative represents the first portion of a 2015 endeavor designed to enhance the experience, lives, and knowledge of the artists, producers, bands, and composers who make up the Music Dealers Artist Community.

Healthier artists means happier artistsartists who are able to focus on honing their talent and the creation of marvelous tunes for your sync pleasure. The alternative? Being stuck in the potential financial and psychological mire that a life without healthcare can create (many of us MD’ers have been uninsured artists in the past and we know what it’s like to have no health insurance and send up a prayer for every scratchy throat and runny nose).

This first phase of the Artist Experience, combined with future initiatives that will roll out during 2015, will make working with Music Dealers a more attractive proposition to emerging artists, and will increase the diversity and talent that we’re able to pair with your content, stories, and campaigns. 

The Artist Experience ties back to our purpose of relentlessly supporting emerging artists, a purpose that’s strengthened with every playlist made, with each song licensed, with every client who makes the choice to work with Music Dealers.

We just want to make sure that you know what you’re apart ofone communityand remind you that when you decide to work with Music Dealers, you decide to contribute to a purpose greater than both of us. Thanks for your support.

By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers