Ice Cream, Music & Love in Italy’s Top 2014 Ad 416 words · 2 minute read

For many admen (and Music Dealers employees), reviewing the top ads of last year is a NYE tradition. During this most recent ball’s drop, our gaze wandered over to Italy, where music seemed to strongly influence the country’s #1 spot of the year.

According to Italian publication Prima Comunicazione Online, the online ad “Logico #1” by European ice cream brand Cornetto Algida (Italy) ranked highest as the most successful YouTube ad campaign in Italy of 2014.

The brand’s strategy? Musica e amore.

“We chose to focus on collaborating with Cesare Cremonini, who has sang the soundtrack to millions of love stories,” said George Nicolai, Marketing Director of Unilever Ice Cream Italy (which heads Algida). “A perfect combination of sight and sound, and an atmosphere that speaks of summer, boys and love: these are the ingredients for success.”*

“Logico #1” was the flagship ad of the brand’s “Cupidity” campaign, which included a series of YouTube films that depicted love stories with a modern twist. Each of the films leaned heavily on music to support the theme of the campaign, but none leveraged music as strongly as “Logico #1.”

As demonstrated by the ad’s success in Italy, - as well as in other markets, - music strategy directly affects consumer engagement. Music shapes the lifestyles of the young demographic of Cornetto’s campaign, as well as those of the spot’s characters. By using music as its platform for consumer interaction, the brand developed an authentic bond with its audience that could not have grown otherwise.

“People have higher demands from brands nowadays,” said Eric Sheinkop, Music Dealers Founder and President, in a quote for a recently published Forbes article. “Ads need to do more than just advertise a product or service. They need to bring real value to their consumers and music is the strongest way to do it.”

Since its April 2014 publication, “Logico #1” has garnered over 5 million views – nearly 100,000,000 shy of the runner-up ad, “Winner Stays” from Nike Football. Despite the dramatic difference in views, Prima asserts that its ranking system was determined by several factors of engagement, including the relationship between organic views and paid boosts, the percentage of views for each ad, and other significant indicators of viewer satisfaction.

The worldwide campaign was made ??by the creative agency LOLA, which leads Cornetto’s global advertising. The films were developed by MOFILM and the sound design was directed by Massive Music.

By: Zach Miller, Music Dealers

*Translated from original Italian by Music Dealers