We Brought You Sync Licensing, Now We Bring You Healthcare: The New “Artist Experience” 432 words · 3 minute read

As a new year dawns, Music Dealers is proud to announce that we’ll be shifting significant focus and effort toward enhancing the experience of Music Dealers artists with our company.

The Music Dealers Artist Services Department has designed and will soon implement a complete experience that includes benefits, perks, enhanced reporting, earnings statements, educational webinars, industry insights, and other tools to keep you informed and advance your careers. 

All of this will be accessible via our soon-to-be-released Artist Portal. We believe this to be a much needed investment in our continued effort to support the best Artist Community in the world.

While the full Artist Portal is still in development, we wanted to present you with the first feature of our improved artist experience in 2015: Healthcare for artists. Music Dealers has partnered with GoHealth to provide our artists with access to quality health insurance at affordable rates.

A majority of us at Music Dealers have been musicians in the past (or still are). We understand that late night sessions, hectic tour schedules, and tight budgets can make health insurance an afterthought. However, due to new US healthcare policies, everyone must have health insurance or be subject to a tax penalty. Music Dealers has got your back.

Facts from our partners at GoHealth:

  • Get coverage or pay a tax penalty to the government

  • Enroll by February 15, 2015 to avoid a penalty

  • Tax subsidies are available to lower overall costs

  • Pre-existing conditions will not result in adverse applications or increased costs

Why sign up for insurance through the Music Dealers program, powered by GoHealth?

  • Avoid a tax penalty with enrollment in any plan by February 15, 2015

  • You can enroll anytime throughout the year if your insurance situation changes

  • GoHealth supplies the same plans and rates as HealthCare.gov

  • Compare options from multiple health insurance companies all in one place (not available at HealthCare.gov)

  • Qualify for government subsidies directly on the platform

  • Talk with a trusted advisor about which plan is best for you and your family

  • After purchasing, gain complete access to your advisor 365 days a year

Get more info or apply:

We look forward to enhancing your experience with Music Dealers in 2015, not only with licensing and branding, but also with tools that will help you earn more, live better, and advance your career. Health insurance is just the start, and we hope our GoHealth partnership proves to be useful for you and your family.

Let’s make 2015 a year to remember in the music industry!