And With The First Pick… Music Dealers Welcomes New Stars To The Team 567 words · 3 minute read

A company is not simply a company.

It is a living, breathing being. It comes to life only through a collective of talented individuals who share a visioncharged human particles energized toward the completion of a worthy mission. The more striking and benign the mission, the stronger the conviction of the people who strive to accomplish it.

And it doesn’t hurt to acquire people who are awesome.

Joining the Music Dealers family in recent months is a collection of highly awesome individuals who have decided to get behind the Music Dealers mission and push it with the fullness of their professional weight.

Consider Mario Davis, who has joined our L.A. team. A musician at heart, graduating not just from Juilliard but from Princeton as well, Mario exudes high levels of professionalism, cool, and a calculated wisdom gleaned from 14 years in the music industry. Fluent in Ancient Greek (yes, you read that correctly), Mario believes that if (or maybe when) they filmed a movie about his life, Lenny Kravitz would be the leading man. Less crazy things have happened.

In the Chicago office is Joanna Woods, a colorful, bouncing superball of positivity, and the kind of person you’d be lucky to share a random, whiskey-fueled conversation with at an airport bar. Joanna, a former client, brings 5 years of experience to Music Dealers from her previous gig with sound design studio, Another Country (which she still works with to supply hot music). Her creative mind processes art in multiple formats; she’s not only a musician and songstress, but a painter too. She showed me her gallery of works, some created with various shades of nail polish, and I was positive that the inside of her mind looks like the most fun carnival you’ve ever been to. 

In NY, Music Dealers is bolstered by a powerful new hire comboa metaphorical sync licensing right hook and uppercutCindy Chao and Bridget Perdomo.

Both ladies have made their career homes at Music Dealers from substantially larger behemoths of the old guard, opting instead to build something new and daring with the younger, leaner, and more rebellious Music Dealers.

Bridget, named one of Billboard’s 30 Under 30, heads the Music Dealers clearance department. With 7 years of experience at Sony, Bridget is connected, skilled, and clever: after leaving negotiations with Bridget, a woman wearing pristine white gloves would happily walk away with a ketchup popsicle. “Trust me, I love when a client has a wide open budget, but when they have tiny budget with big ideas, it requires good negotiation skills and lots of imagination.” And imagination is a thing Bridget is not short of.

Newest aboard the Music Dealers spaceship is Cindy Chao. Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” is an apt soundtrackthe Boston U grad began her sync journey 10 years ago as a receptionist at Extreme Music. She flourished, eventually becoming Director of East Coast Sales responsible for growing the business and tripling office headcount before joining Music Dealers. Also of note is her digital crush on the fictitious super nerd, Sheldon Cooper.

To do big things, you need big minds.

To change the game, you need game changers. We welcome this eclectic group big thinkers, movers, and shakers as they merge their own goals and dreams with ours. Together, we will continue to fulfill our promise of being your unparalleled, unprecedented, full-service music partner.

By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers