Breaking Out Our Production Catalog For Faster, Easier Music Searching 330 words · 2 minute read

“Hey Music Dealers, you know it’s cool that you have a lot of songs and all, but I don’t need an emerging artist, I need an energetic piece of production music that’s a little dangerous and suspenseful. I wish I could separate your catalogs to better target the music I need.”Fictitious Supervisor

Fictitious Supervisor, you are in luck.

Divide & Conquer

A long-standing request from our clients and partners has been to break up our large catalog into smaller, more manageable catalogs.

In response, our team has launched our first music catalog segmentation. We’ve defined our existing larger catalog by two segments: the Music Dealers Catalog, filled with our traditional emerging artists and music, and MD Production Music, home of our pre-cleared production tracks created by skilled composers and producers.

This segmentation allows you to isolate the music you need and better target your music searches, saving you time in the process.

To access the MD Production Music catalog, toggle the “select catalog” button on the left side of your search dashboard.

  • When searching within the production catalog, you have access to all the same search filters.

  • If production music isn’t your thing, switch to the Music Dealers Catalog to exclude production tracks. 

  • To search across all music, toggle the selection back to “All” at any point.

50,000 Strong

Our song review team has meticulously tagged and categorized close to 50,000 songs to include within the production catalog, meaning there is a wealth of music content from a diverse set of styles, genres, and moods.

Whatever your production music needs, not only are we sure to have the right music, but finding that music is now substantially easier. With tight schedule demands, especially within TV and broadcast production, you can find exactly what you need, add that baby to your cart, and buy it right online, which means a smoother, easier, music licensing process.

Take the new production catalog for a spin. Try a search.

By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers