#MDSessions Presents: Tall Walker 175 words · 1 minute read

By show’s end, Nick Bays, the lead singer of Tall Walker, charmed the ladies in attendance around him into the shape of a crescent moon, then proceeded to melt them with silky vocals and acoustic song.

The men couldn’t be mad: even though the ladies were getting their moment at the end of the show, everyone in the crowd experienced a fantastic private set by the Chicago-based, indie-rock trio. 

The band blazed through an hour-long set, filling the industrial space of the Music Dealers office with melodious pop tunes, including the light and groovy “Dance All Night,” both a song title and a command, which many effortlessly obeyed. 

Listenable, groovable, and of course, syncable, those in attendance bore witness to the effortless charisma emanating from Tall Walker, leaving us with yet another great #MDSessions event to store in our memories.

Visit Tall Walker on MusicDealers.com, and check out the set from show below. We hope to see you at an #MDSessions one day in the future.

Tall Walker’s Live Set

By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers