Artist Of The Month: The O'My's 149 words · 1 minute read

The O’My’s describe themselves as “a band of scoundrels and hooligans holding down Rock’n’Soul for the windy city.” Gutsy, truthful, and emotional, The O’My’s excel with a style of soul that enraptures with relatable lyrics, sometimes gritty and sometimes silky vocals, and expert musicianship. Yanking a bit of soul from those who invented it and transporting it to the current day, The O’My’s represent a goldmine for anyone looking to harness the passion of the past, but make their consumers raise their eyebrows with shock in learning that the band is of present.

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Genre: Soul, R&B

Characteristics: Bold, Powerful, Emotional, Thoughtful

Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Strings, Brass, Keyboards, Organ

Vocal Themes: Inner Self, Love/Relationships 

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By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers