Top Five Most Musically Engaging Ads of April 733 words · 4 minute read

At Music Dealers, we love everything about music and its use in media, even the stuff that’s often considered “boring” like analytics. While numbers and percentages might not be inherently sexy, the meaning behind these figures is always insightful. So we always have our ears to the ground listening for what’s most popular in adland - especially regarding social engagement.

When people engage with ads socially, it’s because they choose to do so. Consumers choose to go to YouTube and watch an ad. Consumers choose to go to Facebook and follow a brand. Consumers even choose to go on Twitter and interact with each other, discussing what that ad means to them. And they’re choosing to do so more and more often, as these digital metrics indicate.

See? Numbers can be sexy, too. One of our jobs as a music agency is to get to the bottom of those figures. What makes consumers flock to one brand’s YouTube and not another’s? What makes them retweet one ad and ignore another?

We think music is a big part of it. In fact, that’s one of the things we tout most at Music Dealers – that music can provide consumers with a memorable experience that will build brand awareness and advocacy. So, we selected five ads from April and analyzed the marketing power of music in them to compile the Music Dealers Top Five Most Musically Engaging TV Ads for April.

1) H&M “Spring Fashion”

Music: “Strawberry Letter 23” by Yuna

In H&M’s “Spring Fashion,” supermodel Daria Werbowy strolls along L.A.’s Pennsylvania Ave with sunlit nonchalance. To accompany her morning meander, Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna performs her cover of “Strawberry Letter 23” by The Brothers Johnson. A rising talent who gained swift international attention, Yuna shares a similar audience with department store H&M, making the sync even more appropriate. In one month, the video earned over one million views on YouTube. Last week, Yuna’s Rdio profile experienced a 17,000% growth over the previous week, from 2,452 to 425,569 plays.

2) Adidas “Here’s to the Takers”

Music: “Undeniable” by Donnie Daydream

In this Adidas ad, famous athletes revel in their victories and in the anticipation before locking in the W. Whether it’s in the soccer stadium or on the basketball court, “good things come to those who take,” according to the tag. To heighten the theme of the spot, “Undeniable” by Donnie Daydream pumps in the background. Laden with heavy bass and distortion, the beat is the embodiment of defiance and matches “Here’s to the Takers” perfectly. The video earned over 26 million views on YouTube in only three weeks.

3) Taco Bell “Flash”

Music: “Get Low” by Dillon Francis

If you want an example of a strong artist-brand partnership, look no further than Dillon Francis and Taco Bell. The two have repeatedly leveraged one another for mutual benefit, the success of which can be gauged by the simple fact that Francis is one of only 17 users that Taco Bell follows on Twitter. Taco Bell “Flash” is the first time that the brand has synced one of Francis’ song. Francis shared it on his Instagram, generating almost 24 thousand likes and connecting his fanbase with the brand.

4) Red Bull “World of Red Bull”

Music: “I Am” by Awolnation

Few brands do music like Red Bull does music. Between live events, its Red Bull Music Academy, and its own record label, the brand has become a dominant presence in the music industry. One of the prominent artists on the Red Bull Records roster is Awolnation, which recently released its second studio album, RUN, in March. Some short days later, Red Bull aired its “World of Red Bull” spot, featuring “I Am” from RUN and a Shazam promotion for bonus content. The spot has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube in two weeks.

5) Mountain Dew “Come Alive”

Music: “Out the Speakers (feat. Rich Kidz)” by A-Trak

Mountain Dew does a great job targeting its key demographic - young adult males - with its advertisements. “Come Alive” continues that trend. Mountain Dew worked with Republic’s Casablanca Records to re-release “Out the Speakers” through this national spot, which originally aired during this year’s Super Bowl. The video continues to trend, and inspired an average of 5,000 weekly social actions throughout April. It has earned nearly 8 million views on YouTube since airing.

By: Zach Miller, Music Dealers