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New Feature: Social Media Metrics Integration

We are always excited to present new features that benefit our Artist Community and clients. When we pitch music, clients often ask about our artists’ social media presence in hopes of bringing more value to their projects.

A solid following is very appealing to brands looking to pair with the right artist, and your social following justifies our asking for more money for certain placements.

Because of this importance, we’re integrating your social media metrics (Twitter & Facebook) into your song rows in our Search Tool and on your artist profile. This will speed up the pitching process while giving clients more insight into the artists being presented.?

Here’s how your metrics will appear:

How To Submit Your Social Media Pages

Step 1: Login to MusicDealers.com.

Step 2: From your Artist Dashboard, click your artist profile.

Step 3: Click “Edit Profile” in the top right.

**If you have not agreed to our agreement, you will see a yellow box on top of your profile, please agree to that before moving forward. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/MDUpdates

Step 4: Click the “Biography” option in the top right and fill in the “Social Media Links” section.

Tip: Fill in the full URL (i.e. http://www.twitter.com/artistname)

**For Facebook, this feature only applies to fan pages, not personal pages

Step 5: Click “Save” at the bottom. Your data will sync and appear on your profile in a few days.

Aren’t Into Social Media?

We know that social media is not for everyone. If you don’t do social media, or just use it to keep in touch with your cousin that lives across the ocean, feel free to leave these sections blank. Your music will still be pitched for fitting opportunities and it will not hurt your chances of being presented to clients in the future. Thank you for being a member of the Music Dealers Artist Community!

Rob Lindquist, Director of Artist Services, Music Dealers