Turning Social Media Data Into Consumer Engagement 350 words · 2 minute read

Being an advocate for emerging talent, among the tenets of our messaging, you’ll see a healthy belief in the benefits gained from harnessing the social media muscle of those artists.

As a content creator or storyteller, perhaps you’ve grown accustomed to the nonchalance tossed at run-of-the-mill syncs: the overinflated pop juggernauts of the day, or even worse, the lifeless stock track attached to no artist. The trick is to go for the sync that has a bit of life attached to it, and that comes from first bravely sourcing emerging talent, then leveraging that emerging talent’s social media following.

So, our hotshot product team cooked up an update that you’ll certainly find of interest. To help you benefit from the phenomena of making doubtful, nonchalant hipsters and marketing averse millennials smile and brighten with joy, we’ve built another tool to help you properly wage war for engagement.

Conduct a search – any search. You’ll be amused and perhaps slightly giddy to find that the social media analytics of the artists in your results are populated on the song. Now you can strategize by easily measuring beforehand the potential social engagement wave ripplings of your music licensing.

Quickly gauge the music potential of your campaigns

Gain an understanding of an artist’s true music licensing value to your content, or apply a little imagination to the ways you can leverage music. You’ll be sitting at your computer daydreaming about the possibilities in no time.

Fight against apathy and nonchalance, and make your consumers perk up like happy puppies when they discover that you, incredibly cool and edgy music supervisor, agency producer, creative, etc., have very intentionally licensed that hot new band that the world is just awakening to.

Good job!

The war for engagement wages around you. Here is one more weapon to make you successful.

Extra credit:

Take engagement a step further – tweet or Facebook these artists, let the world know that you have gone out of your way to sync with edge and cool. Convert their audiences into fans of your show or brand. 

By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers