Midem Marketing Competition: This Year’s Winning Musical Innovations 651 words · 4 minute read

Cannes (pronounced like the English word “can”) is a small town located on the French Riviera. It is home to relaxed beaches and upscale shopping as well as a thriving nightlife scene. Everything can be found within a walkable distance, and it’s where the creatives go to “vacation,” errr, get “business done.”

Cannes hosts a vast array of festivals and conferences each year, including the Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, MIPCOM, and Midem, to name a few and right now it’s high season in the south of France as Lions commences on the heels of Midem’s conclusion.

Reflecting on Midem, the annual global convergence of artists, celebrities, and professionals in the music, advertising, marketing, communications, and tech fields, there are some compelling takeaways from what is considered the leading international business event for the music ecosystem.

This year’s event welcomed 6,150 participants and 1,236 exhibiting companies representing 75 countries. Each day of Midem is full of opportunities to network, learn, and show off the latest innovations. In addition to workshops, sessions, happy hours, and live performances, Midem hosts several competitions, one of which is a marketing competition. The 2015 Midem Marketing Competition winners are great examples of brands using music to enhance their image while supporting a partnership, a cause, or an idea.


Bronze - Mumm Champagne/David Guetta, “Dangerous”

The makers of Mumm Champagne partnered with world-famous DJ David Guetta to create an innovative music video experience. Inspired by Mumm’s 10-year official sponsorship of the Formula One Championship, the high-octane music video for “Dangerous” follows the story of a Formula One race and ends with a celebration that includes Mumm Champagne. Guetta and Mumm’s smart use of music to promote both a product and a partnership earned the team third place. Watch the video:

Silver - UNICEF/ABBA The Museum, “Press Play to Give”

In 1979, the iconic ABBA donated a portion of the royalties garnered by their song “Chiquitita” to UNICEF. This means that over the last 36 years, “Chiquitita” has been raising funds to support children around the globe. However, popularity fades, so UNICEF decided to restore the song to its deserved glory.

The organization created the “Press Play to Give” campaign, calling on contemporary artists to re-record “Chiquitita.” Laleh, a Swedish singer-songwriter, was the first to release her version. Every time Laleh’s “Chiquitita” is played, ABBA’s original donation scheme gives money to UNICEF. “This initiative aims to make donating easy, while spreading the word about children’s rights. We encourage more people to listen and donate by pressing play,” says Véronique Lönnerblad, Executive Director, UNICEF Sweden. “Press Play to Give” is a remarkable campaign that not only reawakened a classic, but also contributes to a great cause. You can “Press Play to Give,” too: http://pressplaytogive.com

Gold - Converse/Indaba Music, “Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library”

Converse Rubber Tracks is a worldwide network of community-based recording studios that allow emerging artists to record music for free. Furthering their mission to provide musicians with opportunity, Converse partnered with Indaba Music to create the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library.

This revolutionary resource gives artists free access to high-quality audio samples that they can utilize without having to worry about royalties. Every loop, one-shot, and stem included in the library was recorded at a Rubber Tracks studio. This innovation breathes life into the idea that an artist does not need a multi-million dollar budget to make a record.

Converse and Indaba Music are empowering musicians who have the talent and lack the resources, and that is why the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library placed first in the 2015 Midem Marketing Competition. Check it out here: https://www.conversesamplelibrary.com

We at Music Dealers think it’s great to see big brands using music to push the boundaries of marketing. These three innovative campaigns are exciting indicators of what’s to come!

For more information on Midem, visit the event’s website: http://www.midem.com

By: Alexandra Holder, Music Dealers