Understanding The Music Dealers Song Icons 785 words · 4 minute read

What do all these song icons mean? Let us explain.

Promotional Performance Opt-Out

Promotional Performance Opt Out is referring to blanket deals and gratis licenses that do not pay on the front-end but have the potential to generate back-end royalties as they air. This is all directly dependent upon the type of use, time of day the usage airs, the channel airing, duration of the use, and the number of occurrences (replays).

We know that these types of deals are not right for all artists so we offer the ability to opt-out of promotional performances on the “Preferences” page when editing your profile.

Mechanical Opt-Out

This notification is referring to the reproduction of your music. In the USA, mechanical use is the reproduction of a song in the form of a digital download, CD or vinyl sale. If you were to opt-out of mechanical uses and one of your songs was licensed to a traditional film or video game, your song would be exempt from being reproduced for the soundtrack.

No Live Performance

We often have clients that want to utilize our Artist Community for live events. This notification lets our staff & clients know that you are not available to perform live. If you are currently excluded from these opportunities and would like to be considered for playing live events, you can change your exclusion preferences by following the instructions below.

First, you will want to click “Edit Profile” on the right side of your artist profile. You will be able to select “Preferences” on the following page. Check the box next to the words Yes, I am available for live performances. Once you save your preferences, that exclusion icon will be immediately removed from all of your songs.

Due to artist affiliations additional fees may be incurred

The definition of a “mechanical use” can differ between countries and performing rights societies. In the USA, a mechanical use is the reproduction of a song in the form of a digital download, CD or vinyl sale. In a select list of countries, a mechanical use is extended into a song used in a film or TV show that is then pressed and sold to DVD. Due to this, we have select clients that aren’t able to use songs that are associated with those PROs. Thus, the songs coming out of these countries/societies have been labeled with this messaging. If a client were to use a song affiliated with one of the below societies in this way, they would need to pay an additional licensing fee to that performing rights society.

  • BUMA/STEMRA - Netherlands

  • GEMA - Germany

  • JASRAC - Japan

  • SACEM - France

  • SOCAN - Canada

  • STIM - Sweden

  • SUISA – Switzerland

  • SODRAC - Canada

Ultimately, this notification does not affect the majority of our client base. It only applies to select clients working in TV/Film. This does not affect our brand & ad agency clientele.

Industry Exclusions

Music Dealers provides the ability to exclude your songs from opportunities related to specific industries. These industries include alcohol, fast food, military, politics, porn, religion, and tobacco.

By selecting any of these options, you are stating that you do not want your music pitched for any opportunities in that industry. Our sales & creative teams will not pitch your songs to those industries and those specific clients will not have the ability to view or consider your music.

Contains Explicit Lyrics

This indicates that your song contains explicit lyrics. Often times, our clients need the lyrics of your songs readily available to lock in a placement. When you upload new music to your profile, there is a text box available to paste the lyrics to that specific song. By providing the lyrics to your music, you are heightening your chances to land a placement with us. Furthermore, if your song contains explicit lyrics, it is very helpful to upload an alternate version of your song that is clean and ready to sync to television and/or ads. Our clients work on a very tight, time sensitive schedule and if your lyrics are not readily available or if your song is too explicit to place, they will move on to the next best option.


This indicates that your song is not visible to the general public. This track can only be viewed by you, our staff and our clients. You can switch songs visibility on the “Edit Song” page. This is ideal for unreleased songs or songs made for specific opportunities.

Exclusive to Music Dealers

This star indicates that you have given us the exclusive right to represent and pitch this song to our client base.

For additional inquiries, please contact the Music Dealers Artist Services team at artist.support@musicdealers.com.