Celebrating 10 Years Of Develop: Brighton 461 words · 3 minute read

Develop: Brighton | July 14-16, 2015

Develop: Brighton celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. The event, which takes place in Brighton, England, includes both conference and showcase components and attracts the gaming industry’s top professionals and leading innovators. Develop: Brighton aims to provide practical takeaways for major developers as well as one-man studios. Speakers tackle real problems being faced by video game developers and divulge the cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the industry. Indie developers also get a chance to show off their latest projects.

The three-day event unfolds across specific tracks: Design, Art, Coding, Business, Marketing, Production, and Audio. The Audio Track focuses on game sound and music, a topic that has done nothing but increase in its importance.

Audio Track

It’s an exciting time for video game music – technology has come a long way in a short amount of time. Today, the possibilities for game audio are nearly endless, which means that the creative process has become paramount.

It’s no longer about what you’re able to include; now, it’s about what you should include.

This year’s Audio Track sessions addressed subjects like freelancing, music for virtual reality games, creating foley, and planning audio for AAA games. Some speakers gave participants helpful tools and tactics to add to their arsenals, while others debuted new creations they hoped would spark ideas among the audience members.

Looking Ahead

Across all of the sessions at Develop: Brighton, speakers discussed the future of video games. They outlined multiple trends that are on the rise, many of which are inspiring new innovations in the music/audio faction of the gaming industry. These trends include:

  • Transparent game design. Players are getting a behind-the-scenes look at the development of some games and are even able to offer their input.

  • Players as creators. More and more games are being developed with the player’s creativity in mind. “Modding” has long been a part of online computer games, but it is now making a sizeable impact in the console department as well.

  • Silver gamers. The first generation to grow up playing video games now has children of their own. Many of these parents play games with their kids and will carry their gaming habits into retirement. This presents a major demographic shift.

Develop: Brighton was full of compelling insights into the future of gaming as well as inspirational innovations that show how dynamic the video game industry really is. The event shines a spotlight on indie developers and those who truly want to further the industry, as opposed to those who are only concerned with turning a profit as quickly and simply as possible. With 10 successful years under its belt, we can only assume Develop: Brighton will continue to grow in popularity and importance.

By: Alexandra Holder, Music Dealers