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Introducing the new #MDInterviews series – A monthly check-in with a Music Dealers artist or band that is shaking things up in the music industry.

For the inaugural #MDInterview, we sat down with sync veteran Mr. Robotic to discuss his new album, “Shooting Stars.” You might not know it, but you’ve probably heard Mr. Robotic’s music dozens of times already. His songs have appeared in tons of projects, from Victoria’s Secret and Coca-Cola ad campaigns to MTV and CBS hit shows. Mr. Robotic’s music energizes every spot it appears in – whether that’s a TV ad or an LA club.

MD: First off, congrats on the new album, “Shooting Stars!” How long have you been working on this one and how do you feel about the finished project?

Mr.Robotic: Thanks so much! Man, I have worked on this for literally a year and a half. I was traveling and performing and also licensing my music and just seeing what was working as far as sales so I could craft the album to be what it is. I also experienced a lot of personal things and instead of just complaining about it everyday I wrote records instead. I think I got my point across in a lot of the records.

MD: You seem to really crossover into the pop dance genre on this one – who were you listening to and getting inspiration from when you were creating this album?

Mr.Robotic: I was listening to a lot of Kanye West and Calvin Harris’ albums. I feel like the album is a mixture of those two. From a writing perspective Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Will.I.AM, I just digged deep into how they conveyed their lyrics and why the songs are so universally accepted. I literally just studied them to the core and I remember I was talking to DJ R3hab a few years ago and he told me when I write songs I need to think about the little 9 year old girl in the mirror singing with her brush. So all those things combined, I think I really nailed it on this album.

MD: How would you explain your sound in 5 words?

Mr.Robotic: Energetic. Fun. Heartfelt. Universal. Crossover.

MD: Explain the first single “Everything I’m Looking For“ and why you chose that song to introduce the album to the world.

Mr.Robotic: Well, initially I was going to do one of the big sounding club records but I felt I wanted to show off my songwriting skills. I wrote the whole record and it has the dance party vibe but when the chords come in the hook, it starts feeling more heartfelt. The lyrics:

I mean I felt it - it just resonates in a club/party setting where you can just meet someone and the energy just takes over. I feel like im showcasing my ability to songwrite and the fact that I can still rap! The album is both rap and singing so to have all those parts on this one song - I felt it was best. The song was produced by my boy RMB Justize who produces for Wiz Khalifa and a few others.

“Everything I’m Looking For” Official Music Video:

MD: Time to put yourself in the shoes of a supervisor or brand head. List two songs from your album and what brand/TV show they would align with.

Mr.Robotic: Hmmm great question…

“Live your Life” and “Feel The Love” would be great for Coca Cola

“Taste My Love” could go for Corona or Doublemint Gum

“Life of the Party” could be for any alcohol brand or a dope club scene in a film or tv show!

MD: What vibe do you want people to feel as they listen to this new record?

Mr.Robotic: Positive energy and the feeling that no matter what, if you persevere even through the most difficult times there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s mainly from starting off at “Shooting Stars” all the way to “Blowing up” then ends with “Live Your Life” as a celebratory way to end. Just the feeling of chasing your dreams until it’s accomplished

MD: I see you have some big things for this album including a VEVO and iTunes homepage features – any plans for a tour or anything else exciting?

Mr.Robotic: Yup!! Actually booking dates right now. Headed out the country for a few dates and then will be back in the states and hopefully I can put a full tour together for 2016. Maybe a brand would be interested in sponsoring LOL!

MD: What would have to happen for you to step back and say “that album was a success!” What do you want this album to do for the ‘Mr. Robotic empire’?

Mr.Robotic: To land some huge placements in commercials and team up with a brand to sponsor my tour. Hit my sales goal and the billboard charts independently. I’m basing my success off those 3 things.

MD: Who did the production on the album? Are there any features?

Mr.Robotic: Lovy Longomba (Iggy Azalea etc..) DJ Bam Bam (Flo-Rida, Pitbull etc..) Rmb Justize ( Wiz Khalifa Young Jeezy etc..) Jozey (MMG, Monster Products, etc..) Then had Christine which is ½ of Galaxy writers and they worked on a bunch of albums most recently Ludacris newest release. (Hi Carla!!) I’ve known those girls for years! So yeah, thats mainly all whose on this project

Only feature is Lovy! This album was really personal for me and plus I got to showcase my skill as a writer and artist.

MD: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and much luck on the release of the album. We appreciate the time and effort that goes into every album and are excited to see where it takes you.

Mr.Robotic: Thank you so much!

Interview by Rob Lindquist, Music Dealers