The Summer Concert Series Presents: Draft Week & Carbon Tigers 192 words · 1 minute read

On June 25, the Summer Concert Series presented by HEARN and Music Dealers continued its weekly showcase with sets by Draft Week and Carbon Tigers at the John Hancock Center’s outdoor plaza. Chicago’s temperamental climate teetered between rain and shine, shading the outdoor plaza with a mystic fog. Despite the slight chill, attendees populated the plaza, drawn from the sidewalks and the shops to relax with live music and friends.

Draft Week began at 5pm, opening with their blues-infused rock song, “Four Shadows.” Pedestrians leaned against the railing around the plaza to listen to the punchy rock band ensemble.

Draft Week’s Live Set

At 6pm, Carbon Tigers began their set of dramatic instrumentals and nostalgic lyricism, which included their songs “Morning Bends” and “Ishmael.” Despite the rain, which unfortunately shortened the Carbon Tigers set to a two-song show, a wave of attendees flooded the evening to hear the band’s music outside #ChicagosBuilding.

Carbon Tiger’s Live Set:

The next installment of the Summer Concert Series will be Thursday, July 9, from 5pm to 7pm. Check out the artists’ page to find your favorite songs before The Evening Attraction and Hemmingbirds share the stage.