Artist Of The Month: AyOH 156 words · 1 minute read

AyOH is the sound of traveling the length of the Windy City on a drizzly, desperate evening; blue-eyed soul mixed with sweaty rock ‘n’ roll. Passionate vocals soar over propulsive rhythms laden with shining guitars and hovering keys. The band’s electric stage presence takes their infectious brand of indie rock to another level.

One might not guess from their genuine, humble demeanor that AyOH has shared the stage with stars like Childish Gambino and Grouplove. Drawing from influences both old and new, AyOH delivers a big sound that is colorful, upbeat, and soulful.

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Genre: Indie Rock, Synth Pop

Characteristics: Fun, Energetic, Driving, Punchy, Positive/Optimistic, Lively/Hi-energy, Shimmering

Instruments: Male Vocals, Electric Guitar, Distorted Guitar, Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Drums

Vocal Themes: Life, Society, Enjoyment/Celebration, Love/Relationships  

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By: Alex Holder, Music Dealers