Artists on the Make: August Lineup 908 words · 5 minute read

This is your guide to being the coolest creative in your office, the hippest biz dev on your team, or maybe just the best date ever. Here’s the August schedule of Music Dealers’ “Artists on the Make,” the lineup of the shows, concerts, and festivals played by Music Dealers artists this month.

Saturday, August 1st Aaron Morales Band @ Sunnyside Mall Art & Music Festival, CHICAGO Search tags: Synth pop with male vocals, dancy, with strong synth bass and electronic drum loop!/artist/AaronMorales Sunday, August 2nd David Hayes @ Hideout, CHICAGO Search tags: Rock, emotional and dramatic, with acoustic drums, acoustic piano, and electric guitar!/artist/DavidHayes Saturday, August 8th Cheer-Accident @ The Empty Bottle, CHICAGO Search tags: Experimental rock with dissonant sounds, eerie and tough, with distorted electric guitars!/artist/cheeraccident Mississippi Gabe Carter @ Brauer House, LOMBARD Search tags: Delta blues, laid back and introspective, with male vocals and electric guitar!/artist/mississippigc Goodnight Criminals and Comasoft @ Cobra Lounge, CHICAGO Goodnight Criminals Search tags: Indie rock, catchy and sentimental, with male vocals and electronic effects!/artist/goodnightcriminals Comasoft Search tags: Pop rock, bold, with male vocals, with distorted electric guitars and synth!/artist/comasoft Tuesday, August 11th Ezra Furman @ Lincoln Hall, CHICAGO Search tags: Folk rock/Americana with metaphorical lyrics, gritty vocals, and a simple melody!/artist/Ezra Thursday, August 13th The Future Laureates @ House of Blues, CHICAGO Search tags: Pop Folk Rock, adventurous and strong, with male vocals, acoustic guitar and acoustic drums!/artist/thefuturelaureates The Giving Tree Band @ Whealan Pool Aquatic Center, CHICAGO Search tags: Country/Americana, emotional, with acoustic guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, trumpet, and violin!/artist/thegivingtreeband Friday, August 14th Celine Neon @ Township, CHICAGO Search tags: Pop with female vocals, sexy and mysterious, with synths, bass, and an electronic beat!/artist/celineneon Sunday, August 16th Jodee Lewis @ S.P.A.C.E., EVANSTON Search tags: Folk/country with female vocals, acoustic guitar, and banjo!/artist/jodeelewis Friday, August 21st Archie Powell & The Exports @ Emporium Arcade Bar, CHICAGO Search tags: Upbeat, bright, punchy indie rock featuring male vocals, drums, bass, distorted guitar, and organ!/artist/archiepowell Bassel & The Supernaturals @ Berger Park, CHICAGO Search tags: Funky R&B with male vocals, rock influence and punchy beats, with keyboard and trumpets!/artist/basselmusic Longshot @ Subterranean, CHICAGO Search tags: Thoughtful indie hip hop with animated male MC, bold and uneasy, with drums and piano!/artist/Longshot Saturday, August 29th Bassel & The Supernaturals @ Elastic Arts, CHICAGO Search tags: Funky R&B, punchy beat and rock influenced, with guitar, keyboard, and trumpets!/artist/basselmusic Saturday, August 1st Sweater Beats @ HARD Summer Music Festival, Fairplex, POMONA Search tags: Blend of dance music and R&B, featured in Billboard and Entertainment Weekly!/artist/sweaterbeats The Absolute @ Solstice Skyline, PASADENA Search tags: Indie rock with male vocals, emotional, with electric guitars, bass, and drums!/artist/theabsolute Friday, August 7th Barbara Morrison @ Catalina Bar & Grill, HOLLYWOOD Search tags: Smokey, loungey jazz with female vocals, nostalgic and sentimental, with piano!/artist/barbaramorrison Bogan Via and Steff & The Articles @ El Cid, LOS ANGELES Bogan Via Search tags: Indie electronic with female vocals, thoughtful, with synths, bass, and electronic beats!/artist/Boganvia Steff & The Articles Search tags: Indie pop with female vocals, frustrated lyrics and a cheerful sound, with piano and strings!/artist/steffandthearticles Maniac @ VLHS, POMONA Search tags: Bright indie pop, cheerful, with piano, guitar, bass, hand claps, and shaker!/artist/maniac Wages @ Three Clubs, LOS ANGELES Search tags: Indie rock with male vocals, electric guitars, bass, and drums!/artist/Wages Saturday, August 8th Barbara Morrison @ Catalina Bar & Grill, HOLLYWOOD Search tags: Smokey, loungey jazz with female vocals, nostalgic and sentimental, with piano!/artist/barbaramorrison Tuesday, August 18th Chris Price @ The Satellite, LOS ANGELES Search tags: Pop with male vocals, driving and emotional, with synth, electric guitar, bass, and drums!/artist/cpricemusic Monday, August 31st Lovers & Poets @ The Dresden Room, HOLLYWOOD Search tags: Bubbly, laid back indie pop with dreamy female vocal, shimmery and tender, with electronic effect!/artist/loversandpoets Saturday, August 1st Dwight & Nicole @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3, NEW YORK Search tags: Americana/pop with female and male vocals, electric guitars with tremolo, and brushes!/artist/dwightandnicole Saturday, August 8th Dream Koala @ Output, BROOKLYN Search tags: Indie electronic with male vocals, dreamy, with synth and a laid back electronic beat!/artist/DreamKoala Three Thousand Rivers @ Mercury Lounge, NEW YORK Search tags: Folk rock with male vocals, driving and determined, with acoustic & electric guitars, and violin!/artist/3000rivers Sunday, August 9th Shades @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, NEW YORK Search tags: Indie electronic/house with female vocals, emotional, with synths, piano, and acoustic guitar!/artist/shades Tuesday, August 11th Janelle Kroll @ Pianos, NEW YORK Search tags: Pop R&B with female vocals, exotic and sexy, with sampled strings, harp, and sitar!/artist/janellekroll Thursday, August 13th 2/3 Goat @ Hill Country, NEW YORK Search tags: Folk with male vocals, cheerful, with acoustic guitar, organ, violin, bass, and drums!/artist/twothirdsgoat Friday, August 14th JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound @ City Winery, NEW YORK Search tags: Classic R&B/rock with male vocals, retro and cool, with electric guitars, organ, and horns!/artist/theuptownsound Friday, August 21st / Saturday, August 22nd Radio Birds @ Hill Country, NEW YORK Search tags: Blues rock with male vocals, bold and gritty, with distorted electric guitars, bass, and drums!/artist/radiobirds Sunday, August 23rd Radio Birds @ The Saint, ASBURY PARK (NJ) Search tags: Blues rock with male vocals, bold and gritty, with distorted electric guitars, bass, and drums!/artist/radiobirds