How to Avoid a Clearance Catastrophe: Internet Licensing 221 words · 2 minute read

Is your head spinning yet with all of the info we’ve been pumping into your brain with our Music Clearance Blog Series? Well, we hope not, because there’s one more pro tip we want you to understand:

Internet Licensing: World vs. Territory-based URLs

If your project is going to air online, you’ll need to obtain a special type of clearance. Internet licensing is newly popular and can be confusing. For instance, it’s easy to assume that if you are paying for an internet license, you have to pay for a worldwide license.

Not so fast, moneybags!

URLs can be “geo-locked” to specific territories, meaning your online ad could be made available exclusively in North America by hosting the ad solely through the brand’s North American server. Deciding whether or not your ad requires a worldwide or a territory-based URL can dramatically affect the cost of an internet license, making this a step you definitely do not want to skip.

If there’s one thing you take away from these four clearance tips, make it this: Music plays an important role in creating an impactful ad, so it needs to be treated as such. Don’t leave it for post-production when the budget has already run dry! Consider our advice first and avoid any unsavory surprises.

By: Alex Holder, Music Dealers

Photo Credit: Miwok