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Every spring, summer, and fall, Music Dealers selects top-notch individuals for our intern class. These interns are an integral part of a song’s journey, from SoundCloud to sync. They help us find songs and artists, ensure that royalties are received and distributed correctly, track our expenses, and market our fabulous services to the world.

Whether you’re looking for college credit or a foot in the door to the music industry, Music Dealers internships are really, really awesome. To prove it, we asked some of our Summer 2015 interns what they thought about their internships. We feel their input gives these job descriptions a certain “je ne sais quoi.”


“A&R” stands for “Artists and Repertoire.” Our A&R people are like baseball scouts, seeking out the best players and asking them to join the Music Dealers team. They peruse all of the hottest music websites and blogs, listening for up-and-coming artists who have a sync-friendly sound, then reach out to them to explain our service.

Their goal is to effectively communicate the benefits of our service and foster a lasting relationship. As an A&R intern, you’ll develop an ear for sync-friendly music and learn how to properly address industry professionals. You’ll also learn how to deliver information in a compelling way.

Music Review

The music review department is responsible for categorizing the songs that have been submitted to Music Dealers by assigning “tags” to each track that indicate mood, instrumentation, vocal style, and other characteristics.

Basically, you get to listen to music you’ve probably never heard before and tell us what it sounds like so that we can pitch it to our clients. Cool? Very cool.

Even cooler: You may get the opportunity to put together a playlist of music for a client’s project. This means that when MTV needs music for an upcoming show, we might ask you to help us prepare a selection of awesome music from our library for them to consider. Chances are, you’ll end up hearing one or more of your selections on TV.

Rights Management

Rights Management interns help double and triple-check the information attached to each song in the Music Dealers database and reach out to artists, managers, and publishers if they come across discrepancies. They also make sure royalty payments are distributed correctly once a song is placed.

In addition, they file cue sheets and help manage incoming royalties. Cue sheets indicate which songs have been used and where, which helps them keep track of the payments we receive for the songs we have placed.

In other words, if you intern in our rights management department, you’ll get to make a positive impact on the lives of emerging artists by ensuring they get paid on time.

Finance & Accounting

The Finance & Accounting department plays an extremely important role in the company’s success. One of our most important accomplishments is the amount of money we’ve earned for the indie artist community we support – every time a song is placed, this department makes sure the artist is paid.

F&A interns help keep tabs on internal accounts, carefully recording money spent and money earned so that our budget remains balanced. If you intern in this department, you’ll learn about the inner workings of one of the most lucrative outlets for musicians in the industry. The knowledge gained will not only be valuable, but also widely applicable.


Our marketing interns publish content to the Music Dealers blog. In fact, I’m actually a marketing intern – hi! I also post from the company’s various social media accounts and help write client success stories for the website, which offer an inside look into notable placements and reveal how and why a particular song was selected for a project.

Not only am I responsible for keeping MD’s social media platforms active, but I also have to make sure the content I disseminate is expressive, informative, and interesting. In other words, if you’ve made it this far, that means I’m doing my job!

As a marketing intern, you help control the company’s image. Every time you tweet, post, or ‘gram, you are acting as the face of Music Dealers. You’ll learn how to maintain consistency, engage and interact with clients, and produce captivating content.

Like we said: Music Dealers internships are really, really awesome. If you’re still not convinced, here are a couple more sentiments from this summer’s bright bunch of interns:

Aww, we’ve got the feels.

Now, we have some questions for you:

  • Are you a college student or recent grad looking to gain experience in the music industry?

  • Do you get excited by the thought of helping indie artists?

  • Do you want to learn more about music licensing?

  • Are you a creative, innovative worker with a lot of hustle?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of those questions, then you should apply for a Music Dealers internship!

If you’re considering applying for an MD internship, here’s some advice:

Our internship program is not just intended to groom the next generation of Music Dealers. We’re training the future executives of the music industry.

Although we’re sad to say goodbye to this fantastic crop of interns, we’re also super excited to welcome our future interns! Will you be one of them?

By: Alex Holder, Music Dealers