Started From the Couch, Now We’re Here: Music Dealers Named to Inc. 5000 296 words · 2 minute read

When you conceive and launch a company from the weathered fabric cushions of your living room couch, you don’t imagine that you’ll end up on the Inc. 5000.

The honor of this award goes to the artists whose talent motivated us to help them manifest their dreams. The ones who trusted us with their most precious possession – their music. The ones who opposed the industry status quo, who decided to forge their own destinies and leverage Music Dealers to fund themselves, the ones who like us foresaw the revolution in the music industry.

The honor goes to the clients who dared to share our beliefs. The ones who didn’t erupt in uncontrollable laughter when we explained what we were going to do for them. The ones who’ve helped to develop our artist community into the stars we always knew they could be.

The honor goes to the employees who have subjected themselves to the shaky ebb and flow of startup life in a volatile music and media industry. The ones who snicker at the notion of 9 to 5 because at Music Dealers, work does not cease simply because the day does. And to the interns who have walked through our doors to grind for free in exchange for gaining the knowledge that will propel them forward through their own careers.

The honor goes to leadership, including CEO Clay Johnson, and of course, founder Eric Sheinkop, without whom none of this would be possible.

It is an honor and award to be shared with all, with those who had a spare tank of hope, faith, and persistence when cash, patience, and opportunities ran low.

We are all a part of the Inc. 5000.

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By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers