The Summer Concert Series Presents: Mike Golden & Friends & AyOH 186 words · 1 minute read

The Summer Concert Series presented by HEARN at the John Hancock Center plaza continued on July 23 with a free show by Music Dealers artists AyOH and Mike Golden & Friends.

Beneath the towering figure of #ChicagosBuilding, multitudes of fans, friends, and passerby gathered around the plaza as the artists prepped the stage for soundcheck. Mike Golden & Friends started their set at 5pm with the funk rock song, “1987”. Often considered a genre-bending act, Mike Golden & Friends are renowned for their ability to perform a setlist of diverse songs and still maintain a consistent, memorable sound throughout.

Mike Golden & Friends’ Live Set

At 6pm, indie pop rock band AyOH took to the stage. Fronted by charismatic vocalist Avi Dell, AyOH led the crowd through a riveting set with hit songs like “Lion To The Lamb” and “Out Alive.” The Chicago-based group is known for their upbeat stage presence and all four members exceeded that expectation with their energetic performance.

AyOH’s Live Set:

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